James Fraschilla Video: Watch Oklahoma Freshman's Trick Shot Video

Nicholas GossCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2011

Oklahoma Sooners freshman James Fraschilla made a sweet basketball trick shot video recently with all the free time he has after finals have been completed, and some of the shots he makes are pretty awesome.

Fraschilla makes some shots with a high degree of difficulty, including a shot from the side of the basket while running on a treadmill, which is a unique shot that I have never seen before and I can imagine it must have taken many tries to nail.

One of the final shots is also pretty sweet. Fraschilla dedicates it for Sooners head football coach Bob Stoops, and then nails a half court shot by hiking the ball like a center in football.

The last shot from the bleachers is unbelievable, and that one probably took the most tries to accomplish. Draining that shot from the stands is hard enough to do, but when you have to make it off the bounce, the difficulty of that shot is heightened tremendously.

Fraschilla certainly is very good at these trick shots, and hopefully he has what it takes to help the Sooners make another deep NCAA tournament run this season.

I would love to see him make another video of trick shots, because he has a lot of creativity and it would be interesting to see what kind of high difficulty shots he could attempt next.