Jon Niese: How the New York Mets Should Act Upon Shopping Him This Offseason

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIDecember 20, 2011

The Mets are reportedly shopping around Jon Niese to other MLB teams this offseason. However, it is believed that New York is not shopping Niese, but rather listening to offers for him.

Whatever the case is, these reports have shown that the New York Mets are comfortable with the idea of trading Niese. Albeit at a hefty price.

The idea of the Mets trading Niese may seem like a bad one at first sight. Niese is a young left-handed pitcher, who is under team control for the next four years. The 25-year-old is also an extremely affordable piece for this New York Mets team.

The Mets lack starting pitching depth, and it seems as if they would be insane to trade one of their top pitchers. At a glance, I thought that the Mets would make a big mistake by dealing Niese this offseason. My mind has changed over these past two weeks.

While Niese is one of my favorite players on the Mets, I can certainly put up with him leaving Queens; that is, if the Mets get the "right" package for him.

The buzz around the Mets is that they are looking for a top prospect in return for Niese, in addition to a placeholder pitcher. This is all just speculation, but the Mets might accept a deal for Niese that looks somewhat like this—one of Colorado's top prospects in Drew Pomeranz, or Nolan Arenado paired with a pitcher like Jason Hammel.

Some people believe that Niese isn't worth that much, and others will even say that Niese is worth more than that. It will all depend on how the people in the front office like the deal, and it seems as if the Mets would accept the aforementioned deal.

Niese's value might take a hit due to his inability to put together a 200-inning season in his major league career yet. Fatigue has hampered Niese's major league career, but he is indeed making progress towards logging 200 innings in a season.

Niese has an immense amount of potential and that is why so many teams have inquired about him. That is also why it seems as if the Mets are asking for a king's ransom for Niese.

Sandy Alderson and the Mets are going upon this situation very well. They are hoping that a thin market for starting pitchers will help them land a top prospect or two. They are using the weak pitchers market to their advantage, and they will not settle for anything less than what they want.

Niese is a fantastic pitcher, but the truth is that he might be able to net the Mets some valuable pieces. Niese's value is fairly high, and the Mets are doing their best to take advantage of that. It seems as if this is the perfect time for the Mets to look around for deals for a player like Niese.

The Mets should continue to keep their asking price for Niese high. Their is always a chance that a team will overpay for a young pitching talent like Niese. A team like the Toronto Blue Jays might feel obliged to trade for Niese after missing out on Yu Darvish.

A deal from the Jays that consists of Travis d'Arnaud and a pitcher like Brett Cecil will most likely appeal to Sandy Alderson and Co.

In the end of the day, Niese will most likely be a Met for this upcoming season. With that said, don't be surprised if he is dealt. If the Mets can get the "right" package for Niese, then they will pull the trigger on the deal fairly quick.