WWE: Mark Henry, Beth Phoenix and Alberto Del Rio All Suffering from Injuries

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IDecember 20, 2011

In the past week, three top superstars have sustained injuries. One injury cutting a storyline short. Another injury highlighting the poor wrestling ability in the Divas division. The third injury caused scares amongst company officials.

Mark Henry lost the World Heavyweight Championship at TLC in a turn of events that ultimately led to indie favourite Daniel Bryan winning the gold. This caused an uproar among many fans that had been disappointed to see Henry drop the title after an entertaining and successful run.

After the night culminated, it was announced that he had been working while still hurt since the previous Monday Night RAW.

The original intention was for Henry to hold it for several months. Likely, he lost it to Bryan at Wrestle Mania. However, he pulled a groin muscle while working with John Cena. This led to a meeting between the Creative team.

McMahon initially plugged for Mark to continue his normal schedule and workload, but eventually the plans were changed for the belt to change hands. The loss of one man benefits another. Bryan's 12-year journey has finally been capped with the prestigious World Heavyweight Champion on his long list of accolades.

It's a shame because Henry has always been that man to push for many years. But the injuries have always halted him. This time around he's managed to go a little bit further, but misery inevitable struck again. Here's to hoping he has a swift recovery and continues his dominance.

The second injury is a blow to Beth Phoenix. Thanks to stiff combat by Alicia Fox. The damage was caused during their contest on RAW, where Fox botched leading to the wound.

Phoenix tweeted a series of photos showing the damage. The clearest one being the second image. Not only was their bruising, but it had swelled to the size of a golf ball.

The current Diva's Champion has been playing it up in her tweets. She mentioned how she "broke a lot of mirrors" in a fit of rage, and how "Alicia Fox will pay for tarnishing her beauty".

This injury may come as a warning to the WWE officials. To prove yet again, that the Diva's division is stacked full of workers who are still unable to perform safely or successfully in the ring.

The likes of Fox and Rosa Mendes need to polish their abilities before stepping back in. Or, at least learn from the Bella Twins, who have really stepped up their game in the past year. If they can't wrestle, then a valet spot should be reserved for them.

The final trauma came to Alberto Del Rio late in the night. The details of the injury are mainly unclear, but it's evident that it's the left shoulder that's suffering.

In the first half of the match, he seemed perfectly healthy. It wasn't until a missile dropkick from newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, that Del Rio started to show signs.

He had fallen in the corner. His position was favouring his arm, which he did a few times throughout the course of the match. As the last portion of the match was nearing, Del Rio was seen talking to the referee, and visibly wincing.

His cringing was definitely more than just selling, and he was likely rolling out that he was fighting handicapped. When it came to the teasing for the Cross Armbreaker, ADR was using his right arm in the move.

Following the reversal and the appliance of the LeBell Lock, Bryan cautiously trapped Alberto's arm in between his legs as to not cause too much pain. Del Rio used his right hand to tap out.

Straight after the match, CM Punk ordered Zack Ryder and Bryan to celebrate while he talked to Mike Chioda. Punk gave him instructions on Alberto, and once the cameras stopped rolling Chioda held up the injured signal to the backstage staff.

Del Rio has been a major player in the main event for the past couple of months. This injury could put him out of commission for quite some time. Nobody knows what direction the title scene is going to go in now.

However, if the plan involves ADR, then Creative should begin working on a back-up scheme.


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