God Help Us: BCS Bowl Games Covered by "Jumper" Cam—AGAIN

Oscar PSenior Analyst IFebruary 17, 2008

You and I remember it well. During the BCS Bowl Bash, every game except for the Rose Bowl, meaning all the Fox games, had this awful thing called the "Jumper" cam.

It was lousy.

It looked awful.

It was overused.

It was overhyped.

We had to deal with ad after ad and promo after promo, leaving me and many others hoping to God that this movie would tank worse than a Paris Hilton movie.

It didn't, and now America has subjected us to possible future reprisals of this ad marketing campaign during BCS Bowl Games on Fox.

Why do you do this to us America? WHY?!

This movie needed to tank to save college football fans a little bit of the pain and agony Fox broadcasts cause.

But no, you had to go see this movie to give it an opening weekend near thirty million dollars.

I am sure this is a fine grade-B movie. One that we will be sure to see on TNT, FX, or USA in the near future, but did it have to go and make all this money on opening weekend?!

I realize this has very little to do with sports, except it will now subject us to the ad-wizards that brought us the Jumper Cam for at least one more bowl season.


Maybe I can get Samuel L. Jackson to star in my first movie—I think the man has jumped the shark.