Let's Find Something to Complain About!

Nathan WintersContributor IIIDecember 20, 2011


Christmas has come early in the WWE. Take a good look around; things have never looked so good for the Internet wrestling community.


Primarily on Smackdown, one of two female talents who can actually work a match holds the WWE Diva's Championship. Her name is Beth Phoenix. Her partner in crime is Natalya Neidhart,  a third-generation wrestler and member of the Hart wrestling family. And from all reports it seems the WWE wants to keep the Pin-Up Strong stable carrying the gold.


Speaking of tag teams—enter Air Boom. While Kofi Kingston may not have the independent pedigree that Evan Bourne does, he’s one hell of a fan favorite and can work one hell of a match. His partner as mentioned is Evan Bourne aka Matt Sydal, a veteran of Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate USA and even a stint in TNA who like Kingston—Brings it. And just in case you didn’t know them,  they’re the reigning WWE World Tag Team Champions.


Now back to Smackdown. That guy carrying around that white WWE Intercontinental Championship is Cody Rhodes, who is Son of the American Dream. Again like Kingston and Bourne, Cody Rhodes is one hell of a worker. Recovering from an almost disastrous disfigurement gimmick, young Cody is quickly on his way toward the World Heavyweight Championship in 2012.


Speaking of guys who should be world champion, there's Dolph Ziggler. He’s the best thing going today. Athletically entertaining, he can bump like a son of a bitch. The former United States champion could become this generation’s Rob Van Dam—the whole damn show.


In case you missed the Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV, Zack Ryder is your new United States Champion. When told to get noticed or find another job, boring old Zack Ryder and his radio went down to K-Mart and picked up a HD Handy Cam and a star was born. He’s become the epitome of the Internet wrestling community’s influence.


Now finally. He is the 2011 Superstar of the Year. Multi-time WWE champion and one of—if not the best—professional wrestlers on the planet. His name is CM Punk. The man is responsible for all of this. He is an agent of change. He was an agent of change long before 2011. In 2006 the change in WWE had begun. Eventually he would redefine WWE’s ECW reincarnation and the brand would evolve around the 6’2” 218-pound CM Punk. It continued on Smackdown, and it continued on RAW and within five years CM Punk would expel the myth that only big men could survive in the WWE.


Because of CM Punk we can now officially welcome Daniel Bryan into the history books. Long regarded as the best pure wrestler in the world the former American Dragon still had his detractors—including myself, who said the small and bland Bryan would never be anymore than an overrated independent grappler.


Daniel Bryan is now the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Wow. Not a lot to complain about, is there?