WWE Monday Night RAW: Analyzing the It Begins "Prophetless2012" Promo

Katie GregersonCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2011

The link to this week's "It Begins" series promo first crackled into the Twitter logo on the bottom left corner of the screen during Wade Barrett and Randy Orton's TLC rematch.

However, in the second hour of the show it was played on-air, interrupting Alberto Del Rio's entrance into the six-man tag main event.

Only one other of the five promos has actually been aired during the television broadcast of RAW, and tonight's promo was apparently supposed to drop a big hint as to who is returning on 1/2/12.

So who is it?

This promo is very different from the others. The schoolgirl, who in earlier promos is treated as a supporting character, becomes the central focus. There are no ominous prophetic words from the schoolboy, either, but only one chastising remark from the girl: "I cannot help you anymore. Don't you understand?"

The promo then ends with the word "Prophetless" glaring across the screen.

If this promo is meant to drop a huge hint, I think it is this: the girl is Stephanie McMahon.

There was only one other logical woman who the girl could represent, and that is Michelle McCool. However, the only man who McCool could logically be working alongside is the Undertaker, and based on the proclamation in this week's promo, it seems fairly safe to rule her out.

How has Michelle McCool ever helped the Undertaker? If anything, it's been the other way around.

That being said, who is Stephanie helping? Her brother, Shane McMahon? Or her former ally, Chris Jericho?

Or someone else entirely?

Both the images and words in this particular promo seem to make a strong case for Shane.

The only shot of the schoolboy in "Prophetless2012" is of him standing in the corner, his nose to the wall as if he has been put in timeout. This could very well represent how Shane turned his back on the family business to pursue other interests.

Additionally, the girl's words could be an indication of Stephanie's work to bring her brother back to the WWE, while at the same time firmly telling him that he's on his own from here on out. This is something which would make sense, considering Stephanie's diminished TV role over the last few years.

However, the boy could still represent Jericho. Stephanie has helped him in the past, after all. Furthermore, the last person the Billion Dollar Princess had an onscreen "feud" with was the current WWE Champion himself, CM Punk.

It's become pretty obvious that the two don't like each other, and Stephanie could be bringing Jericho back to de-throne Punk.

Therefore, Stephanie has helped to bring Jericho back to WWE, but it's his job and his job alone to reclaim the title, both of the WWE and of the "Best in the World" moniker.

At this point, the signs pointing to Jericho and Shane are neck and neck for me, even as far fetched as a Shane McMahon return may be.

Only one more promo remains until this mysterious force returns on the second day of 2012; and hopefully we'll be surprised rather than disappointed.