2012 NFL Mock Draft: Trade-Up/Trade-Down Scenarios for Each NFL Team

Jon DoveContributor IDecember 21, 2011

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Trade-Up/Trade-Down Scenarios for Each NFL Team

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    I utilized Andrea Hangst's projected draft order to put together potential trades for every first-round pick in the 2012 NFL draft. The draft always features several major trades, but not every team is going to make a move. This article is intended to look at what a team would/should do if they wanted to make a move.

    Utilizing the draft trade value chart, I put together the deals that make sense for each team. Each slide also gives the prospects that will be targeted in each trade.

    The Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears own picks that are highly sought-after, which resulted in several trade scenarios involving those selections. A lot of the trades projected were in order to land Stanford's Andrew Luck, Iowa's Riley Reiff and Ohio State's Mike Adams.

No. 1 Indianapolis Colts: Trade Down

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    Trade: No. 1 overall pick to Washington Redskins No. 7 overall, No. 39 overall, No. 71 overall and 2013 first-round pick.

    This Indianapolis Colts football team needs more than a healthy Peyton Manning. There are holes all over the roster, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Selecting Stanford's Andrew Luck at No. 1 would give them a future franchise quarterback, but it wouldn't help improve the rest of the roster.

    Several teams would be willing to put together a package for the top pick. Washington might be the most desperate to add a top-level signal-caller. The projected package of picks provides the Colts with ammo to remake their roster.

    Dropping down to the No. 7 spot still allows Indianapolis to add a quarterback. Either USC's Matt Barkley or Baylor's Robert Griffin III will be available at that spot. In the second round, Michigan State's Jerel Worthy would be a possibility and immediately help beef up the defense.

    Vanderbilt's Casey Hayward has good coverage ability and would be a nice fit in a Cover 2 system. The 2013 first-round pick should be used on another top-level defender.

No. 2 Minnesota Vikings: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 2 overall pick, No. 34 overall pick and Christian Ponder to the Indianapolis Colts for the No. 1 overall pick.

    Christian Ponder possesses the skills needed to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. However, Andrew Luck features the abilities to become an elite starter in the NFL. The Minnesota Vikings are facing a tough situation with their stadium and playing losing football doesn't help. Luck is more NFL-ready than Ponder, and would bring some flair to the franchise.

    Minnesota's roster consists of several older stars, who might not be around by the time Ponder fully develops. Adding Luck to this team would give them a better shot at competing next season. His development would be assisted by the presence of Adrian Peterson.

No. 3 St. Louis Rams: Trade Down

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    Trade: No. 3 overall to the Miami Dolphins for No. 9 overall, No. 41 overall, No. 105 overall and 2013 second-round pick

    Sam Bradford's sophomore slump will cost Steve Spagnuolo his job, but Bradford is still safe. Adding another quarterback doesn't make much sense, as Bradford still possesses a lot of upside. The St. Louis Rams need to focus their resource on other roster holes.

    Several teams will be looking to move up in order to select a quarterback. Baylor's Robert Griffin III is going to have a lot of suitors, and trading up might be the only way to land him.

    The move down the board for St. Louis allows them to add a playmaking wide receiver like South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery. Focusing on the defense is where the rest of the picks should be utilized. Virginia Tech's Jayron Hosley and North Carolina's Tydreke Powell are good options with the later picks.

No. 4 Jacksonville Jaguars: Trade Down

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    Trade: No. 4 overall to the Miami Dolphins for No. 9 overall, No. 41 overall, No. 105 overall and 2013 second-round pick

    The Jacksonville Jaguars are another team with many needs, and trading down helps them address those holes. They sit in a good position as a potential trade partner for teams looking to select a quarterback. The Miami Dolphins could be one of those teams looking to move up.

    South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery would be a good addition to help the development of Blaine Gabbert. His size and leaping ability allow him to make the tough catches. Clemson's Andre Branch has the pass-rushing skills this team sorely needs. He will likely be available in the second round.

    Adding cornerback help will also be a focus for the Jaguars. Boston College's Donnie Fletcher fits a need and would represent some late-round value.

No. 5 Cleveland Browns: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 5 overall, No. 37 overall, No. 69 overall and 2013 second-round pick to Indianapolis Colts for the No. 1 overall pick

    If the Cleveland Browns make a trade it will be to add a star quarterback. Colt McCoy didn't do enough this season to cement himself as the quarterback of the future. His 57 percent completion percentage, 11 interceptions and 5.9 yards per pass all show his limited upside.

    Cleveland only invested a third-round pick in McCoy, so moving on will not be a tough decision. Andrew Luck will change the future for one franchise; missing that potential to keep McCoy would be a mistake.

No. 6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 6 overall and No. 38 overall to the St. Louis Rams for No. 3 overall

    LSU's Morris Claiborne is a special player, who will make an immediate impact. His ability to read the quarterback and make a play on the ball puts him in the top-five discussion. Any team adding Claiborne gets a versatile and hard-working player.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers face a lot of uncertainty at the cornerback position. Ronde Barber is not capable of covering the NFL's top receivers. Because of his age, he has lost a step or two. Aqib Talib's future is very uncertain, thanks to several off-the-field issues.

    Claiborne is capable of stepping in and immediately replacing either Barber or Talib.

No. 7 Washington Redskins: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 7 overall, No. 39 overall, No. 71 overall and 2013 first-round pick to the Indianapolis Colts for No. 1 overall

    The Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder is not afraid to make a big move; he actually aspires to make headlines. Moving up to the top of the draft to select Andrew Luck will make a ton of headlines. However, it also makes a ton of sense.

    This Redskins team possesses a good defense, decent offensive line and talented running backs. Their biggest need is at the quarterback position. Rex Grossman has proven that he will never be nothing more than a spot starter and backup. Luck's talent could potentially push this Redskins team into contention.

No. 8 Carolina Panthers: Trade Down

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    Trade: No. 8 overall to the Philadelphia Eagles for No. 11 overall and No. 75 overall

    The Carolina Panthers have enough holes that they can move down the draft and still fill a need. They sit in a great trade position, as teams eying Iowa's Riley Reiff might have to move up to acquire him. Moving down a few spots will provide Carolina the opportunity to address several needs.

    Alabama's Dre Kirkpatrick might find himself dropping a little because of the rise of Reiff. Teams value the left tackle position more than cornerback. However, this means Carolina could move down and still have a shot at one of the draft's top players. With that later selection the Panthers could address the right side of their offensive line by adding BYU's Matt Reynolds.

No. 9 Miami Dolphins: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 9 overall, No. 41 overall, No. 105 overall and 2013 second-round pick to the St. Louis Rams for No. 3 overall

    The Miami Dolphins need a face of the franchise, someone how can excite the fanbase and help them win games. Baylor's Robert Griffin III might be the most electrifying player on the board. His playmaking ability will immediately help with ticket sales.

    Miami's quarterback situation has been a mess since the retirement of Dan Marino. Matt Moore is doing a decent job, but he possesses limited upside. He would be a nice stopgap solution until Griffin III is ready to start.

No. 10 Buffalo Bills: Trade Down

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    Trade: No. 10 overall to the Arizona Cardinals for No. 13 overall and  No. 77 overall

    The Buffalo Bills have a great opportunity to add additional draft picks. This draft slot will be highly coveted by teams looking to draft Riley Reiff, North Carolina's Zach Brown or Alabama's Courtney Upshaw. The Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals all have a need at the tackle position.

    Buffalo's biggest need is for a pass-rushing outside linebacker. They could move down a few spots and still add someone like Zach Brown. That later pick could net them another linebacker prospect like Nebraska's Lavonte David.

No. 11 Philadelphia Eagles: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 11 overall and No. 75 overall to the Carolina Panthers for No. 8 overall

    Andy Reid is not afraid to package a few picks to move up the draft. He has done so in the past the acquire players like Brandon Graham. The Philadelphia Eagles need to come out of this first round with either an offensive tackle or a top-level linebacker.

    Iowa's Riley Reiff would be an immediate upgrade to the offensive line. He would allow Todd Herremans to shift back to guard, while also providing insurance to the oft-injured Jason Peters. Philadelphia will have to be aggressive in order to land the highly coveted Reiff.

No. 12 Kansas City Chiefs: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 12 overall and No. 108 overall to the Buffalo Bills for No. 10 overall

    Kansas City have considered adding a left tackle for several years. Brandon Albert is a good offensive lineman, but would a better fit on the right side. Adding Iowa's Riley Reiff allows Albert to shift to right tackle, essentially improving two spots on the offensive line.

    The Chiefs will continue to focus on running the football; that is ensured by the presence of Jamaal Charles. In order to run the ball, a team needs strong and steady offensive line play.

No. 13 Arizona Cardinals: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 13 overall and  No. 77 overall to the Buffalo Bills for No. 10 overall

    The Arizona Cardinals desperately need to upgrade the offensive line. Levi Brown just doesn't have the ability to hold off the game's elite pass-rushers. Quarterbacks Kevin Kolb and John Skelton have spent the entire season fleeing the pocket.

    If Arizona wants to add one of the top left tackle prospects they will need to make a trade. Iowa's Riley Reiff is someone they could move up a few spots and still land. When a team has such a big and apparent need they typically do anything to address it.

No. 14 Tennessee Titans: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 14 overall and No. 46 overall to the Carolina Panthers for No. 8 overall

    The Tennessee Titans have long-term answers at both quarterback and running back, but lack a great wide receiver option. Kenny Britt's off-the-field issues make him an unreliable teammate and enhances the need at wideout. If the Titans want Jake Locker to be successful they need to surround him with talented playmakers.

    Moving up into the top 10 gives Tennessee a shot at landing either Alshon Jeffery or Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon. Both would immediately help open the Titans offense and provide a long-term partner for Locker.

No. 15 Seattle Seahawks: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 15 overall, No. 47 overall, No. 79 overall and 2013 first-round pick to the St. Louis Rams for No. 3 overall

    If the Seattle Seahawks hope to add a top-level quarterback they will need to make a trade. Sitting with the 15th overall pick really limits their options. Oklahoma's Landry Jones might be the only top quarterback prospect available at that point.

    While Jones possesses talent, his inconsistent play has risen questions about this potential. Moving up into the top five would give Seattle a shot at landing either Matt Barkley or Robert Griffin III. Pete Carrol is very familiar with Barkley and would love to add him into the mix.

No. 16 Cincinnati Bengals (from OAK): Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 16 overall and No. 20 overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars for No. 4 overall

    Alabama's Trent Richardson may be one of the top three players in this draft. However, he might drop a little because of the decline in running back value. Still, a team like the Cincinnati Bengals appear a top-level running back away from possessing a great offense.

    The Bengals should be willing to assemble a package in order to move up and select Richardson. He is an immediate upgrade over Cedric Benson, both on and off the field. Benson's off-the-field antics make him an unreliable teammate.

    An offense that features Richardson, Andy Dalton and A.J. Green has the potential to be very dangerous.

No. 17 Chicago Bears: Trade Down

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    Trade: No. 17 overall to the New York Jets for No. 22 overall and No. 86 overall

    The Chicago Bears are sitting in a very good position, as many team will be looking to move up to this spot. Teams moving up will likely target someone like South Carolina's Melvin Ingram or Alabama's Courtney Upshaw. Chicago could potentially move down several spots and still fill a position of need.

    They have been lacking a top-level wide receiver since the days of Curtis Conway. Notre Dame's Michael Floyd fits the Bears' top need, as he possesses good size and big-play ability. Picking up an extra selection would allow Chicago to add a cornerback like Vanderbilt's Casey Hayward.

No. 18 San Diego Chargers: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 18 overall and No. 50 overall to the Buffalo Bills for No. 10 overall

    The San Diego Chargers' outside linebacker position really lacks top-level talent, outside of Shaun Phillips. Travis LaBoy has been utilized as a starter and he is nothing more than a rotational player. Moving up the draft to find playmaking linebacker would be a good decision.

    Alabama's Courtney Upshaw has the potential to be a dominant defender. His versatility allows him to set the edge against the run and also rush the passer. Upshaw will be one of the more highly sought-after prospects in the 2012 draft.

No. 19 New York Giants- Trade Down

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    Trade: No. 19 overall to the Cleveland Browns for No. 24 overall and No. 88 overall

    The 2012 draft class has some depth at the interior offensive line positions. This provides the New York Giants with an opportunity to move down and still fill a need. Wisconsin's Peter Konz could be their top target, and someone that might be around later in the first round.

    Adding an extra pick also allows the Giants to bring in another offensive lineman. Virginia Tech's Jaymes Brooks could be available at pick No. 88.

No. 20 Cincinnati Bengals- Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 16 overall and No. 20 overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars for No. 4 overall

    Trading two first-round picks is a very aggressive move, but one I feel will pay off. Moving up into the top 10 to add Alabama's Trent Richardson will do wonders for the Cincinnati Bengals offense. Cedric Benson has done some nice things, but he is too unreliable to be a team's featured running back.

    Cincinnati could also package these picks to move up and select a cornerback like Morris Claiborne. The loss of Jonathan Joseph was a major blow, and Claiborne would be a great replacement.

No. 21 Dallas Cowboys: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 21 overall, No. 53 overall and No. 117 overall to the Buffalo Bills for No. 10 overall

    Terrence Newman and Mike Jenkins have lost some of their effectiveness and can no longer be counted on to shut down an opponent's top target. The Dallas Cowboys need top-level cornerbacks to compete in a division with DeSean Jackson, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz

    Alabama's Dre Kirkpatrick will not be available at No. 21 overall, and there is a drop-off in talent after him and Morris Claiborne. Moving up to add Kirkpatrick would be a bold but wise move, and we all know Jerry Jones loves to be bold.

No. 22 New York Jets: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 22 overall and No. 86 overall to the Chicago Bears for No. 17 overall

    South Carolina's Melvin Ingram is a unique talent, who is capable of lining up all over the field. His versatility would be a great fit for the New York Jets defense. Rex Ryan's creativeness would allow him to get a ton of use out of Ingram.

    New York needs to add another pass-rushing threat. Without the surprise play of Aaron Maybin this Jets defense would be a bottom-five sack team in the NFL. Ingram is worth moving up to add, as he possesses potential game-changing abilities.

No. 23 Denver Broncos: Trade Down

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    Trade: No. 23 overall to the Pittsburgh Steelers for No. 29 overall and No. 93 overall

    The Denver Broncos don't have a major need they will be able to address at this point in the draft. Their best move would be to drop down and acquire extra picks. No. 23 overall could potentially be a hot spot for teams looking to trade up. Those teams might target Ohio State's Mike Adams or Georgia's Cordy Glenn.

    Moving back a few spots would still allow the Broncos to pick up a talented player. In this scenario, they are still in position to land Penn State's Devon Still and then Oregon's LaMichael James with the later pick.

No. 24 Cleveland Browns (from ATL): Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 24 overall and No. 88 overall to the New York Giants for No. 19 overall

    Georgia's Cordy Glenn will be a hot prospect come April. His versatility provides teams with the option of starting him at either guard or tackle. If the Cleveland Browns want to upgrade the offensive line they will have to move up to draft Glenn.

    Joe Thomas is still one of the best left tackles in the game, but the right side lacks talent. Glenn would help bolster the rushing attack and protect the passer.

No. 25 Detroit Lions- Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 25 overall and No. 89 overall to the New York Giants for No. 19 overall

    Cornerbacks always find a way to come off the board earlier than expected. This has been even more true in recent years, because of the league's move to more pass-heavy offenses. This draft features only a handful of top-level cornerback prospects. Teams looking to add a specific player will have to be aggressive.

    Detroit absolutely needs to add a cornerback early in this draft. North Alabama's Janoris Jenkins' ability to read and react makes him a perfect fit in Detroit. The Lions have shown that they are not afraid to be aggressive and go after their man.

No. 26 Houston Texans: Trade Down

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    Trade: No. 26 overall to the Green Bay Packers for No. 32 overall and No. 96 overall

    The Houston Texans have to start considering the fact that Andre Johnson might be injury-prone. He is an elite player, but always seems to miss a few games. Houston doesn't have the playmakers needed to overcome a Johnson injury.

    At No. 26 the Texans would be reaching for a guy like Baylor's Kendall Wright. However, dropping back a few spots would bring more value to that selection. It also provides them with a chance to add Missouri's Michael Egnew with the later pick.

No. 27 Baltimore Ravens: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 27 overall and No. 58 to the Chicago Bears for No. 17 overall

    The Baltimore Ravens need to bring in someone to be the long-term replacement for Bryant McKinnie. Adding a left tackle at No. 27 overall is a tough task, meaning the Ravens will have to move up. Trading two draft picks to solidify your offensive line isn't a high price to pay.

    Ohio State's Mike Adams might be the last left tackle prospect worthy of a first-round selection. His value will increase as the draft approaches and teams realize the limited depth of the position. Adams will team with Michael Oher to give the Ravens a talented tackle tandem.

No. 28 San Francisco 49ers: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 28 overall and No. 60 overall to the Chicago Bears for No. 17 overall

    A lot of the San Francisco 49ers' success comes from the play of their defense. This unit does a great job of providing the offense with opportunities to win. Their offense isn't going to score a ton of points, which only increases the importance of the defense.

    One of the weaknesses of the defense is the play of the secondary, specifically the cornerbacks. Tarrel Brown is a decent player, but is a better fit as a nickelback. Moving up to get one of the top-level cornerback prospects is the most likely trade scenario for the 49ers.

No. 29 Pittsburgh Steelers- Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 29 overall and No. 61 overall to the Chicago Bears for No. 17 overall

    Ohio State's Mike Adams will be one of the most coveted players late in the first round. He has the potential to be a NFL left tackle, and that is a position of need for many teams. This combination of factors means that teams will need to make a move to ensure landing Adams.

    The Steelers offensive line has been an issue for the last two seasons. Even when healthy, Willie Colon is better suited for the right side of the line. The addition of Adams would allow Colon to shift to right tackle, effectively improving two spots along the line.

No. 30 New England Patriots (from NO): Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 30 overall, No. 31 overall and No. 95 to the Buffalo Bills for No. 10 overall

    The New England Patriots defense is going to be the thing keeping them from winning another Super Bowl. This unit lacks the talented needed to stop the NFL's high-powered offenses. Their biggest weakness is in the secondary and lack of a pass rush.

    Moving up to the No. 10 spot would allow the Patriots to add someone like Alabama's Courtney Upshaw. He has the versatility needed to play on a Bill Belichick defense. His ability to create pressure off the edge will allow Belichick to shift back to a 3-4 system.

    More on this pick on the next slide.

No. 31 New England Patriots: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 30 overall, No. 31 overall and No. 95 to the Buffalo Bills for No. 10 overall

    Bill Belichick has been called a genius for the way he stockpiles draft picks and assets. However, he hasn't done a great job adding elite talent with those selections. It's now time for him to package some of those picks and move up.

    Alabama's Courtney Upshaw is an elite talent and someone who can greatly improve the Patriots defense.

No. 32 Green Bay Packers: Trade Up

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    Trade: No. 32 overall and No. 96 overall to the Houston Texans for No. 26 overall

    Charles Woodson has had a great run in Green Bay, but he is starting to show signs of his age. Green Bay would be wise to add someone capable of learning from Woodson. Nebraska's Alfonzo Dennard has the physical ability and mentality to play a role similar to Woodson.

    If the Packers want to add Dennard they will likely have to move up ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers.