Hines Ward in Another Uniform...in Latest Dark Knight Trailer

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Hines Ward in Another Uniform...in Latest Dark Knight Trailer
Hines Ward takes it to the house, before there isn't much left of Heinz Field in the latest Dark Knight flick.

The Dark Knight Rises is the latest film in the Batman saga and is months away from being released in 2012. Its trailer hit the web on Monday and talks are that this film could end up being even bigger than the 2008 summer blockbuster that grossed over $1 billion. Christian Bale is set to reprise his role as Batman, but football fans will definitely be familiar with one of the new stars of the film. No, we're not talking Anne Hathaway, but Hines Ward.

Hines Ward is not playing a hero or a villain in the film, but a victim to the Dark Knight's latest nemesis, Bane. In the trailer, he can be seen wearing a Gotham Rogues uniform as he dashes past his defenders and into the end zone. Not a hand touches the wide receiver as he leaves them in the dust...literally. With the press of a button, Heinz Field begins to crumble and players fall into a pit before Ward realizes what is going on. 

When filming, director Christopher Nolan reportedly allowed a few Pittsburgh Steelers players join in the production. Ben Roethlisberger was also among those players, but does not seem to appear in the trailer. Ward and Roethlisberger are Super Bowl champions, but could they add Oscars to their resume? Keep an eye out for them as the film hits theaters on July 20th, 2012. 

The film gets released months from now, but whether it is the Hans Zimmer soundtrack or Hines Ward in the trailer, there are plenty of reasons to get amped.

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