Mets Could Get a Wonderful Pitcher at a Lowe Cost

Sean MatraiContributor IDecember 31, 2008

From the Streets of Boston, to Hollywood, and now to the Big Apple?

Well according to sources the Mets are: Serious about acquiring Derek Lowe and have offered him a three-year contract for $36 million. Lowe went 14-11 with a 3.24 ERA during the regular seaon. Since Lowe was a Class A free agent the Mets would have to forfit their first-round draft pick, but it wouldn't have mattered. K-rod was class A as well.

Last week Boston had dropped out of the Lowe race and acquired Penny, which in the end pretty much left only the Mets to sign him meaning a suprise signing by the Bronx Bombers. I think Lowe would be a great acquistion for the Mets because he can pitch important games and is a very effective starter.