NFL: When "Little Giants" Hit You from "The Blind Side" on "Any Given Sunday"

Adam ReiterCorrespondent IIIDecember 19, 2011

Rob Chudzinski, the man behind the brilliance
Rob Chudzinski, the man behind the brillianceHandout/Getty Images

Before this past Sunday's NFL games, many people would have had trouble figuring out who Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski was, let alone pronounce his name.

But after the Panthers' surprising 28-13 win over the previously 10-3 Houston Texans, many people are asking questions of the 43 year-old from Ohio in his first year as Carolina's offensive mastermind, notably, where he got the idea for the fumblerooski run in the second quarter that resulted in a Richie Brockel seven yard touchdown run.

Chudzinski credits the nifty play, where quarterback Cam Newton took a snap out of a Power I/Shotgun formation variation, then quickly handed the ball off to Brockel, before taking off down the right side of the field as if he had the ball, to the 1994 comedy "The Little Giants."

While some members of an off-guard Texans defense either followed Newton or stood almost completely still, Brockel took off behind a convoy of blockers toward the left side of the end zone and in for a touchdown.

While the dramatic aspect of the play on Sunday was far short of the 99.5 yard 'annexation of Puerto Rico' from "Giants", a play that included a fake reverse and two laterals on the last play of the game, this one had a little bit more impact in the real world, as the play gave the Panthers a 21-0 lead before halftime.

With offensive weapons such as Newton, RB DeAngelo Williams, WR Steve Smith, and WR Armanti Edwards (who was a QB in college and went 1-1 in Sundays win as well), don't be surprised if this is the last time the Panthers take one from the back of the playbook this season.