WWE TLC 2011: 7 Ways CM Punk Proved He Deserves His Push

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IIDecember 19, 2011

WWE TLC 2011: 7 Ways CM Punk Proved He Deserves His Push

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    After Punk's successful title win at last night's TLC pay-per-view, it looks as if the creative team is in full support of CM Punk's push.

    The creative team has pushed a lot of stars recently and only a few have successfully succeeded in getting over.

    Today, I am going to list seven reasons why CM Punk has proved he deserved his recent push and why he needed the push.

    This list is based on the current WWE storylines and the product as a whole.

His in-Ring Work

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    There are very few superstars who can say that every one of their matches is a four-star match.

    At last night's show, CM Punk proved just how good he is in the ring.

    At one point, CM Punk was handcuffed to the ropes. In what was an innovative move my CM Punk, he loosened the ropes in order to escape.

    If you don't believe he has some great matches, I encourage you to look some up.

He Constantly Changes His Character

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    Over the past several years, CM Punk has held many different personas.

    What makes CM Punk great is the fact that he can make any character work.

    His recent "Best in the World" character has proven to be his greatest character yet.

His Mic Work

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    To say CM Punk is good on the mic is an understatement.

    We all know about his shoot promo earlier this year, and we can all agree that he impressed us on that night.

    Many critics believe that he is not as hot as he was earlier this summer, but I am going to have to disagree.

    CM Punk can still out-talk any member of the roster. Hands down.

He Has the Experience

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    The WWE roster is filled with green superstars.

    CM Punk has been with the WWE for about five years now.

    What this means his that CM Punk knows the business and he knows the ins and outs.

He Closed a Pay-Per-View

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    WWE usually lets John Cena close the pay-per-view in some way, shape or form.

    This time around, WWE creative decided to let CM Punk close the show.

    And, in my opinion, he did a excellent job.

    I hope we get to see him close shows more often.

The WWE Needs New Main Event Talent

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    This reason may not be a reason why he deserves it, but it is a reason why the WWE needs it.

    For awhile, the main event roster was shrinking at an alarming pace.

    With CM Punk now in the main event, it gives WWE the star power it desperately needs.

He Has the Fans on His Side

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    It's not easy to get over with the WWE Universe.

    Needless to say, CM Punk is officially over.

    With the fans on his side, CM Punk will reach new heights in the WWE.


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