Cleveland Browns Solution for Season of Turmoil Is to 'Stand Pat'

Rich CastoContributor IIIDecember 19, 2011

It's the end of NFL Week 15. The Cleveland Browns are 4-10, out of the playoffs and will be picking top five—and another late 20's—in next April's draft. As a Browns fan, what do you recommend owner Randy Lerner do?

If you are among the many fans that are sick of it all, fed up and don't care, your immediate thought is to get rid of Mike Holmgren, maybe GM Tom Heckert and definitely head coach Pat Shurmur. Right?

If this is you, then you are ridiculous and should root for the previous Super Bowl champ every year.

You want to do what the team has been doing since their return in 1999 and continue the insanity. You want them to churn and burn through new pieces and parts—stunting any development, trust or chemistry—and ignore the importance of consistency in the front office.

Can you imagine if you had a new boss every one to three years?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing(s) over and over again, but expecting a different result.

That's just the problem. The Browns haven't gotten a different result, it's been the same. But they do have credibility at the top, finally.

Who would Lerner replace Holmgren with, a miracle worker? Maybe that's the problem, everyone thought coach Holmgren would come in, work a miracle and be the savior. Give it a rest and quit over-reacting. This season was lost from the word LOCKOUT.

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 20: Head coach Pat Shurmur talks with quarterback Colt McCoy #12 of the Cleveland Browns during the second quarter at Cleveland Browns Stadium on November 20, 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Jason Miller/Getty Images

It's Holmgren's second year in his role with the organization, as well as Heckert's. Not to mention it is Shurmur's first season as head coach and the first season trying to implement his version of the West Coast Offense.

Just what the heck did everyone think was going to happen in year two? Seriously!? As Browns fans, be glad that Heckert has made some nice draft picks. I don't think they'll be cutting any second rounders any time soon, a la David Veikune and Brian Robiskie.

If you want to be mad about anything, be mad that Holmgren and Heckert couldn't have been here sooner! 

Let it be for now. See it through.

And for all of you wanting Shurmur's head, think about this.

What did Super Bowl winning head coaches do before they became head coaches? They were rookie head coaches. And before they were rookie head coaches, they were coaching in another capacity, as an assistant or coordinator. They all had to start somewhere.

Please do not take this literally, but how did Bill Belichick perform in his first head coaching role?

Coach Shurmur is not going to be the next Bill Belichick.

But let's let him be the first Pat Shurmur.