Knicks Rumors: James Posey Must Be Signed with New York's Room Exception

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2011

After officially adding Baron Davis, the New York Knicks' greatest need is a stretch-4, and James Posey is the best available in that department.

Marc Berman of the NY Post reported that the Knicks appear out of the running for Posey, but his addition is not out of the question after Davis accepted less money to come to New York.

Posey is 34, but remains a great role player. He has a team mentality, and is a good rebounder and tough defender, furthering the institution of a defensive culture in the Knicks locker room.

Additionally, Posey is a capable scorer who provides the team with another outside scoring threat. He could potentially feast off the open looks he would receive as defenses focus on the likes of Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire.

Al Thornton remains another possibility for New York, but his murky bill of health isn't of much value to the Knicks, who need players they can count on at this point. And Posey, if heralded for nothing else, is dependable.

Aside from a forward, the Knicks have been linked to Gilbert Arenas as well. Davis' discount signing leaves the door open for such a backcourt pairing, but one should only be explored after the Posey option has been exhausted.

New York lost a warrior in Shawne Williams to the New Jersey Nets, and it would be unwise of the organization to continue chasing point guards when their real need is elsewhere. Think of Posey as an older, more experienced Williams. He will not impress you with his flair, but his smarts and effectiveness will be more than evident.

Competition for Posey is likely to heat up, as the Boston Celtics have a clear need for a stretch forward as well, now that Jeff Green must have heart surgery and is done for the season. The Knicks cannot let Posey's familiarity with the Boston organization derail their pursuit of him; they need to make an aggressive pitch to the savvy veteran.

Are there other options aside from Posey out there? Yes, but not many, Thornton being the next best option. That being the case, the Knicks need to assume a "Posey or bust"-type of mentality when they approach the forward.

Given the other options out there, it actually would not be irresponsible of New York to give Arenas a chance, should they fail to land Posey. The Knicks must make sure it does not come to that though. 

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