WWE: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan Needs to Happen at WrestleMania

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIIDecember 19, 2011

I think the Internet Broke
I think the Internet Broke

My goodness, that was quite an eventful pay-per-view last night, and only now has my Internet fully recovered.

In light of Daniel Bryan cashing in his Money in the Bank contract to win the World Heavyweight Championship and CM Punk successfully defending his WWE Championship in a TLC Match, we now have the self-proclaimed “Indy Schmucks” holding both major WWE titles.

So where do we go from here?

I’m not sure about many of you, but the image of Bryan and Punk holding both titles evoked strong memories of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero’s celebration at WrestleMania all those years ago.

Speaking of WrestleMania…

The “Road to WrestleMania” generally kicks off at the Royal Rumble, where as most of you know, the winner of the Rumble “traditionally” gets a title match at the upcoming WrestleMania.

I put the word traditionally in quotes because we have seen instances where the winner has cashed in his opportunity earlier, such as John Cena in 2008.

So say for instance, Dolph Ziggler or the Miz wins the Rumble, perhaps greed and anxiety gets the better of them and they challenge CM Punk at Elimination Chamber instead of ‘Mania. Seems like Punk would need a new challenger.

On the other side of the coin, Daniel Bryan has seemingly gone back on his word about cashing in his briefcase at WrestleMania, so he could be in the main event championship match on April 1. Yes, Bryan did use his title opportunity sooner than expected, but he can still keep his promise of being in the main event at WrestleMania.

Maybe a new, arrogant, heel (he did pin the Big Show) begins running roughshod over the Smackdown roster and everyone and anyone falls victim to the champion’s dangerous LeBell Lock. Suddenly, a spirited Bryan begins talking about how he is the best in the world at what he does.

Enter CM Punk, the current best in the world at what he does.

Punk perhaps doesn’t take too kindly to Bryan’s bold claims and tells him to put his money where his mouth is—on the grandest stage of them all in a title unification match.

This idea may sound crazy, but let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

You would have arguably the two best workers in the entire business going at it on the biggest stage in the industry with the highest stakes possible; there is no better way to sell your product than showcasing your best talent.

Unifying the two world titles into one undisputed championship would also do a world of good as well. By only having one top dog in the entire company, it gives the champion added exposure. Also, since there will only be one world championship, credibility and prestige will become instantaneous for not only the main title, but also the secondary titles as well.  Then it would be even that much harder to earn just a world title match. With world title opportunities hard to come by, competition for the secondary belts should increase, and the mid-card wrestlers will get more exposure as well.

We all know Vinnie Mac is crazy about his ratings and buy rates, but this match wouldn’t even have to sell people on the event, as we all know John Cena vs. the Rock will drive the casual viewer to buy the event.

Consider these top three matches: Cena vs. Rock, HHH vs. Undertaker and Punk vs. Bryan in a WWE Championship unification match.

If those three matches don’t obliterate the buy rate, nothing will.

You would have your entertainment-based audience covered with Rock/Cena, you could appeal to the nostalgic fans with HHH/Undertaker and I’m sure you could find at least a few people who would pay to see Bryan/Punk.

CM Punk has said he wants to make wrestling fun again. I think this would be a hell of a starting point.