New York Jets Exposed by Philadelphia Eagles: What Happened to Rex Ryan's Bunch?

Hugo OlguinContributor IIIDecember 19, 2011

Mark Sanchez was constantly attacked by the Eagles' Jason Babin
Mark Sanchez was constantly attacked by the Eagles' Jason BabinRob Carr/Getty Images

I remember when the New York Jets were thought to have one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Not anymore.

The Philadelphia Eagles had their way with the Jets, taking a 45-19 victory to keep alive some playoff hope. This was a game that was thought to be a close game.

Jets QB Mark Sanchez did not play like he has in recent weeks.  He threw for only 150 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions and lost a fumble. Eagles DE Jason Babin wreaked havoc on Sanchez, sacking him three times 

Sanchez was not the only Jets offensive player who let the team down.

WR Santonio Holmes gave up a costly fumble early in the game that led to an Eagles touchdown, and it proved to be a sign of how the game was going to go.  It was amazing at how many turnovers there were.

Both teams had four turnovers each, but the Jets could not capitalize on their turnover opportunities.

The Jets defense just could not keep up with the speed of the Eagles. 

LeSean McCoy ran all over the Jets, rushing for 102 yards and three touchdowns.  Rex Ryan's game plan had no answer for how to contain McCoy.  

The seventh-best defense in the NFL collapsed with their offense and really put their playoff hopes in danger.  New York is currently the sixth seed in the playoff picture, and at the moment, hold the tiebreaker with the Bengals.  This loss gave the Patriots the AFC East title. 

The Eagles' LeSean McCoy torched the Jets' defense by scoring three touchdowns
The Eagles' LeSean McCoy torched the Jets' defense by scoring three touchdownsRob Carr/Getty Images


What can New York do now?

Well, the Jets need to shake off this loss because they have the Giants to face next.  Both teams suffered bad losses on Sunday and need to win to keep in the playoff picture.  

I don't think this is the time for Rex Ryan to threaten benching players like he has said about Sanchez in the past.  This team needs a player to step up and be a leader.  The Jets just don't look mentally tough this season.  

Even if New York gets their chance in the playoffs, they are too inconsistent to expect a playoff run like the previous two season.  

My advice for the Jets is just be quiet and go to work preparing for the Giants.  The season is on the line.