5 Questions Brock Lesnar Must Answer in His Return to the UFC

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5 Questions Brock Lesnar Must Answer in His Return to the UFC

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    On December 30th, 2011, Brock Lesnar will make his long-awaited return to the Octagon after being out for more than a year.

    In his return at UFC 141, Lesnar will take on arguably the best striker he's faced up until this point in his career in Alistair Overeem.

    While many fans are thrilled to have Lesnar returning to the sport of MMA, it's unclear which fighter we will see in his return.

    Therefore, Lesnar has several questions he must answer in order to prove he's still worthy of fighting at the highest stage of mixed martial arts.

    So, the following slides display five questions Brock Lesnar must answer in his return to the UFC.

    Let's take a look.

5. Is There Any Ring Rust?

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    As we've seen from many fighters in the past, being off for a lengthy amount of time can ultimately affect a fighter's performance in their return.

    In order for Lesnar to execute his game plan successfully, he'll need to prove ring rust isn't present immediately out of the gate.

    Ring rust could result in a lack of aggression or control throughout the bout.

4. How Good Is His Conditioning?

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    Lesnar has yet to be fully tested in how well his conditioning is, as he's been involved in just one fight that's escaped past the second round.

    If Lesnar finds himself in a fight that exceeds the first or second round, his lack of conditioning could be a deciding factor in his main event against Overeem at UFC 141.

    In order to return to UFC gold, Lesnar will need to be in superior shape.

3. Can He Get His Takedowns?

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    In a result of his inability to successfully exchange in the standup, Lesnar has used his double leg takedowns to control his opponents from the ground.

    More times than not, Lesnar has been able to accomplish this, allowing him to control the majority of his fights.

    However, it's been quite some time since Lesnar has demonstrated the ability to take down his opponent.

    This is a must-answer for Lesnar when action begins on December 30th.

2. Has His Striking Improved?

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    The downfall of Lesnar's career has been his inability to successful exchange strikes with his opponents in the standup.

    As a result, Lesnar has chosen to take his opponent down and unleash his vicious ground and pound via elbows, hammer-fists and power punches.

    However, at some point, Lesnar will need to prove he's more than the one-dimensional fighter that many perceive him to be.

1. How Healthy Is He?

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    The main reason Lesnar took time away from the UFC was to battle a sickness often referred to as diverticulitis.

    Lesnar, now set to return, will have to prove that he is at full health and not make a premature comeback to the Octagon before he's ready.

    Fans watching and those in attendance will be able to tell from the get-go if Lesnar has truly overcome the sickness that's been haunting him for years.

    Lesnar will be healthy to some extent but exactly how healthy is the real question.

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