Philadelphia Eagles Almost Got All They Wished for Sunday

Ron PasceriCorrespondent IIDecember 19, 2011

Tomlinson passed the torch to McCoy, who is keeping Philly's hopes alive.
Tomlinson passed the torch to McCoy, who is keeping Philly's hopes alive.Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

On a Sunday where Tim Tebow lost some of his magic, it almost seemed like the Eagles had stolen it. Entering the day, as ludicrous as it sounds, they still had hopes of winning the NFC East or claiming the final Wild Card spot.

The first order of business was needing the Washington Redskins to somehow knock off the New York Giants. A Giants' win would have ended their pursuit of an NFC East title before they even took the field.

Shockingly the Rex Grossman-led Redskins dominated New York from start to finish, handling them a 23-10 loss. There was one more early game that had wild-card implications.

The Eagles trailed the Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals heading into Sunday. The Bears (7-6) and Seahawks (6-7) faced off in Chicago.

Both teams hold a win over the Eagles, so they couldn’t win a tiebreaker with either team. That means the Bears need to lose out, and the Seahawks would have to win on Sunday and then lose their last two.

Right on cue, the Seahawks destroyed the floundering Bears 38-14. Then came 4:15 and a whole new set of miracles.

Beating the New York Jets was most important. A loss would have ended any discussion of the postseason. Before the fans at Lincoln Financial Field could even blink, their Eagles were up 28-0.

A run of second quarter turnovers helped the Jets cut the score to 28-13 at halftime, but the Eagles truly never looked back. In the end they dismantled the Jets 45-19 and took care of business.

The 6-7 Arizona Cardinals were hosting the Cleveland Browns and Detroit was visiting the Oakland Raiders, who were chasing their own playoff aspirations.

The Eagles would need both Arizona and Detroit to lose to keep their wild-card chances alive. It seemed as if the magic was alive in the fourth quarter of both games.

In Arizona, the Browns led 17-7. A little further west, Oakland went up 27-14 with less than eight minutes remaining.

Anyone paying attention to the situation in Philadelphia knows that blowing fourth quarter leads has plagued the Eagles all season. Although they didn’t blow a lead of their own, both the Browns and Raiders did it for them.

The Lions went 98 yards for a touchdown with under a minute remaining, scoring 14 unanswered points to win the game. Arizona scored 13-straight points to win 20-17 in overtime.

It all started to look hopeful but now the only path to the playoffs is to win the division. The first steps on that path are a couple of Christmas miracles.

On Christmas Eve, the Eagles need the Jets to beat the Giants in a battle for northern New Jersey. Then comes the harder part, winning a shootout with the Cowboys on Christmas Day.

It isn’t over by any stretch, but anything other than those two outcomes and the season ends early. Do the Eagles have two more miracles in them? We’ll find out in exactly one week.