Indiana Hoosiers: Kelvin Sampson's Clock Is Ticking

Eric DormanAnalyst IFebruary 17, 2008

With Indiana winning a big Saturday night against Michigan State, one of the things that stood out to me was that Indiana looked so explosive in their offense and were able to shut down the Spartans, holding them to just 61 points.

The win for the No. 12 Hoosiers, fresh off being swept by Wisconsin, who was swept by Purdue, Puts IU right behind Boilermakers when they meet on Tuesday night (ESPN, 7 ET).

Maybe head coach Kelvin Sampson thinks he truly will be coaching IU for the rest of season, but with the same allegations happening at Oklahoma State, I doubt he will be back to coach Indiana, but you never know.

Indiana plays Purdue Tuesday night and they will need Eric Gordon to be at the top of his game in order to pull this one out.

When March Madness comes around look for Indiana to be in for a long time, until either one of the nations best teams beats them. Indiana won against Michigan State without senior forward D.J. White, who missed most of the game with a left knee injury.

Regardless what happens with Sampson, the Hooisers are headed for a hearing with the NCAA Committee of Infractions in Seattle in June.

Sampson likely will attend, as an unemployed coach or fired coach. Firing or removing a coach from a school headed for an NCAA Tournament is rare, but none the less Sampson has had a great run this year with his Hooisers.

But the clock is ticking.