Exposing the Weakness of Each UFC Champion

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Exposing the Weakness of Each UFC Champion

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    The Ultimate Fighting Championship is represented by seven weight divisions that allow fighters of nearly every size to participate in the sport of mixed martial arts.

    In addition, the UFC has recently added a new weight class in the flyweight division but there's yet be a champion.

    In each current division reigns a champion who has earned his position through hard work and dedication.

    However, while many of these champions are certainly some of the greatest fighters of all time, there by no means perfect.

    Over the years we've seen several of these champions get exploited and we've seen their weaknesses clear as day.

    So, the following slides display the weakness of each UFC champion.

    Let's take a look.

Dominick Cruz: Finishing

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    Dominick Cruz is one of the quickest and better boxers in the UFC today.

    Cruz's only downside is that he often struggles to finish his fights as he's finished just one fight in the last three years.

    Even then, the so-called finish was a result of a doctor's stoppage that allowed Cruz to become the WEC bantamweight champion in a win over Brian Bowles.

    While Cruz is certainly conditioned to entertain three-, even five-round fights, he is giving his an opponent an added advantage to finish the fight.

    As we've seen since joining the UFC, Cruz lacks the killer instinct that many champions have come to develop over their careers.

Jose Aldo: Conditioning

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    It's hard to pinpoint a weakness on a fighter who's been nearly flawless throughout his MMA career.

    However, as of late Aldo has showed signs of wearing down as his bouts increase in rounds.

    More times than not, Aldo uses his vicious striking and overwhelming stand-up to overwhelm and finish his opponent within the first two rounds.

    However, that hasn't been the case as of late as Aldo hasn't finished a fight in over a year.

    This may be a result of Aldo only having ever gone five rounds once in his career before joining forces with the UFC.

    Aldo's conditioning was obvious in his bout with Mark Hominick and Kenny Florian.

Frankie Edgar: Striking Defense

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    It's hard to find someone with a bigger heart than UFC's lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

    As we've seen in his previous fights, Edgar endures a brutal beating in the stand-up as his striking defense isn't nearly as polished as he'd like.

    Not only did Gray Maynard nearly finish Edgar in the first round of their historical bout at UFC 125, but again at UFC 136 earlier this year.

    While Edgar's heart has been able to override the vicious strikes he's endured, it won't always be the case if his stand-up defense doesn't improve.

    Edgar often leaves his guard down which ultimately causes him to remain wide open for his opponent's liking.

Georges St-Pierre: Finishing

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    Georges St-Pierre is a clear future Hall of Famer as he's been merely unbeatable throughout his MMA career.

    However, as St-Pierre progresses in age, he often finds it difficult to finish his opponents as he's finished just one fight since the midway point of 2008.

    This holds to be true as St-Pierre often finished fights when he first entered MMA years ago.

    While St-Pierre's world-class wrestling skills and conditioning have made up for his weakness, the longer his career goes on, the more likely it is that he'll be the one to get finished.

    On top of St-Pierre's inability to finish a fight, he's dealt with several injuries, one of which will keep him out until the later parts of 2012.

Anderson Silva: Takedown Defense

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    Anderson Silva's weaknesses became public and global knowledge following his come-from-behind victory over Chael Sonnen at UFC 117.

    Silva was taken down time and time again at will as the middleweight champion had no answer.

    When Silva would eventually return to his feet, Sonnen once again took his opponent to the ground and began to unleash his vicious ground-and-pound unto Silva.

    And, this wasn't the first time Silva was outmatched in the takedown as he was taken down by Travis Lutter, Thales Leites and Dan Henderson.

    With Silva's weaknesses revealed to the remaining fighters in the middleweight division, it's becoming more and more obvious how to beat the 185-pound champion.

Jon Jones: Jiu-Jitsu

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    While it hasn't been nearly as obvious as others, Jon Jones' biggest weakness, if he has to have one, is in jiu-jitsu.

    Jones has stated time and time again that he believes his biggest flaw is in fact when he's faced against an opponent with better jiu-jitsu skills.

    Hard to believe for a fighter that's been nearly perfect since taking up MMA as a career.

    On the flip side, Jones has also struggled with illegal elbows in the past, one of which cost him the only loss of his MMA career.

Junior Dos Santos: Wrestling

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    Junior Dos Santos entered UFC on FOX I in a bout that many believed the only way he could win would be to remain on his feet, as he has yet to be tested in the grappling game.

    Fortunately for Dos Santos, Cain Velasquez stuck with the stand-up which ultimately ended in a knockout victory for Dos Santos.

    To Dos Santos' favor, he's still yet to be fully tested and prove how he can cope with a wrestler much better than he.

    It's very likely that Dos Santos' weakness will be revealed at some point throughout the new year.

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