5 Reasons Why Sidney Crosby Is Not One of the Greatest NHL Players of All-Time

Nathan Palcowski@@npalcowski22Contributor IIIDecember 19, 2011

5 Reasons Why Sidney Crosby Is Not One of the Greatest NHL Players of All-Time

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    Many in the NHL world seem to think that the NHL would fall apart without the face of the league Sidney Crosby.  There is a preconceived notion that Sidney Crosby is heading for the NHL Hall of Fame after his playing days are over.

    Well, what if Sidney Crosby never comes back from his concussion symptoms, and he is done playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins and hockey all together?  Does Crosby have the requirements to be a sure Hall of Famer?

    I believe not, and here's why...

Injury Prone

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    During the 2010 season, Crosby missed every game since Jan. 9 due to concussion symptoms. During the 2011 season, Crosby has only played in nine games this season and was then again taken out of the lineup due to concussion like symptoms.

    Though Crosby's condition is one of the more serious matters in sports today, to be a great player, the great player has to be out on the ice every night, helping his team. Crosby may get the benefit of the doubt because he is dealing with a concussion, but it's still no reason for him to be in the Hall of Fame.

    And besides nobody likes a cry baby, Sidney!

Non-Successful in Playoffs

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    Crosby may have a Stanley Cup, a gold medal and pretty much every other award a hockey player can recieve, but it still isn't enough to put him in the Hall of Fame.

    Though he may be a great player, he has only won one Stanley Cup against the Detroit Red Wings in 2009, which was a tough seven-game series. 

    Crosby in the regular season has played in his six-year career a total of 418 games. Out of those games, he has 215 goals. In the playoffs, Crosby has played in 61 games and has scored 30 goals. Crosby is 1-1 in two Stanley Cup Finals appearances, and  has a dismal 37-24 record in the playoffs

    Crosby may be an elite scorer and player in the regular season, but when playoff time comes around, the captain seems to go away. The playoffs are where legends are born, and Crosby is not stepping up to that level. 


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    This reason is more just opinion based, but Crosby seems to be very lucky in scoring his goals. The most recent one to think of was the Olympics when the puck just happened to go right to Crosby's stick off the US goalie rebound. 

    I'm not one for luck, but I would rather be good than lucky. Crosby in his career has 215 goals. You can't say that all 215 of those goals were based on him making a spectacluar move around the goalie.

Supporting Cast Helps

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    When you look at the Hall of Fame and see the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe, do you remember any of their teammates who were relevant? NO.

    With Crosby his only year in which he didnt have a good team around him was his rookie season in 2005, in which the Penguins had the worst record in the NHL. I don't want to hear that he is the star player on a horrible team now. You look at the Penguins without Crosby, and they are still an Eastern Conference contender. 

    Looking at the 2011 roster, you got superstars like Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal, Kris LeTang, Brooks Orpik, Chris Kunitz and Marc-Andre Fleury. On any other team, those players on the main guys (except for the Detroit Red Wings).

    So if Crosby is so great, why could he not win without these players his rookie season? If he was so great and a future Hall of Famer, then why did he lead his team without these players to the worst record in the NHL in 2005?

    Seems to me as if he is not so great...

Media Hype

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    Sidney Crosby seems to always get so much hype, even though he is not an elite player. You can look at players like Henrik Zetterberg who have more Stanley Cups than Crosby, but is still one of the most underrated players in the NHL. 

    The media seems to blow up Crosby so that the NHL can be somewhat relevant in today's sports world. Along of lines of him being a future Hall of Famer, well Wayne Gretzky got the media buzz, but totally deserved it, because he had the evidence of being a winner to back it up.

    "Sid the Crybaby" seems to always get the attention of the NHL, even if he just gets knocked down during a game. The real face and future Hall of Famer of the NHL, Alex Olvechkin does not get half of the media hype that Crosby does. And he is a real hockey player, missing a tooth and everything.

    Overall, I don't believe that Crosby should be a future Hall of Famer in the NHL and that many, many players in the league today deserve to be in the conversation before Crosby does. 

    I want to see Crosby win a couple of more Stanley Cups, then he can be in the conversation.