WWE TLC 2011 Results: What We Learned from Randy Orton's Win

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistDecember 18, 2011

The Barrett Barrage reached its first snag on Sunday night.

Randy Orton used the RKO to put Barrett right through a table to cap off a great brawl between the two competitors. With that win, we know one thing for sure: Orton is not going to fall by the wayside.

Barrett and Orton put on a great contest from start to finish with the loss not hurting Barrett much. However, I will say that this was a big win for Orton.

Yes, Orton is a big time player and still face of SmackDown, but this win reminded us all that Orton is not falling too far as he helps other stars rise. Barrett gains a nice rub, and Orton looks ready to enter the main-event scene again.

So what's next for Orton?

Well, we could see this feud with Barrett extend until Royal Rumble. These two will certainly have some sort of interactions at the next pay-per-view.

However, in the end, this seems to be leading toward WrestleMania. There is probably not a better time for Orton to start getting hot once again as he heads toward WrestleMania.

With a changing main-event scene on SmackDown, the opponent that seems most likely for Orton is the brand new World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

What a win he got Sunday night as he pinned the Big Show to become the new World Champion gaining his first, of hopefully several, of those titles. Was he ready? I don't know, but it sure was an exciting, mark-out moment.

With Orton winning and the fact that Bryan cashed in on Show, I see a huge heel turn in Bryan's future. With that occurring, he and Orton are ideal opponents going forward. The one scary thought though was one that has been nagging at me.

Orton and Bryan seems like a feud that could become similar to Orton vs. Christian. While that feud was great, it also lead to two extremely short reigns for Christian. Could Orton ruin the boyhood dream of Bryan as early as this Friday? I really hope not.

If they build this feud up properly, Orton vs. Bryan could be an amazing first-time match at WrestleMania. These two could easily steal the show; however, I just don't know if WWE can have Orton beaten by Bryan whether Bryan is heel or face.

What will Orton's win lead to? Perhaps a Royal Rumble win. Perhaps a World Heavyweight Championship reign. It is a good time to be Orton.

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