25 Athletes with Strange Obsessions

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterDecember 20, 2011

25 Athletes with Strange Obsessions

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    Professional athletes have loads of money, plenty of free time and tons of people around them telling them how awesome they are. Honestly, that's a recipe for a lot of strange behavior.

    Imagine the life of a 14-year-old boy living alone, with no parental supervision to speak of, a full staff of enablers and an unlimited bank account; that's the kind of life that many professional athletes are living today. 

    Some are obsessed with comic book superheroes, some spend inexplicable amount of time online playing video games and some are eating nothing but candy for three meals a day. 

    Here are 25 athletes living such lives. 

Mike Tyson: Pigeons

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    Mike Tyson once said:

    "I just don't have the desire no more, I don't have the stomach no more. I don't even kill insects in my house. I just don't kill anything no more. 

    I used to kill pigeons, rip their heads off, 'You dirty rat pigeon!' I don't even have the heart to kill an animal no more. I just changed my whole life in general." 

    Well now he raises and races pigeons. Tyson has thousands of them, and he even stars in a reality show on Animal Planet about his new-found fancy. 

Tim Duncan: Dungeons and Dragons

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    On the court, San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan is a manly jock who has had quite the career in the NBA. Off the court, Tim Duncan is actually kind of a nerd! Which I mean in the best possible way.

    Duncan has a passion for Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy video games. He's got some tattoos, which might dispel the nerd image a bit, except that one is Merlin the Magician and the other is a jester

Chad Ochocinco: Twitter

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    To clarify, it's not strange to have a Twitter account, but Ochocinco's near obsession with Twitter is. 

    Ocho doesn't go to the bathroom without announcing it on Twitter, and often tweets up to 40 times per day. He's a "self-crowned social media guru" who guest lectures at universities about online communication and even promised to give $20,000 to his three millionth follower. 

    It's strange and sad to see an athlete that was such a dominant force on the field be relegated to nothing more than an embarrassing online spectacle. 

Dhani Jones: Bow Ties

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    I wouldn't say former-Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones is obsessed with bow ties, but he definitely has a serious affinity for them. 

    Jones' name is synonymous with bow ties, thanks to his penchant for wearing them pretty much everywhere and his Bow Tie Cause foundation: a charitable organization that sells bow ties and donates the profits to various causes. His bio on the foundation's website lists his primary focuses as: Football, Bow Ties and travel.  

    In 2010, Jones even opened up a cafe in Cincinnati called the Bow Tie Cafe, which sells coffee, drinks and cafe sandwiches. 

LeBron James: Cereal

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    According to Sportales.com, King James's superhuman athleticism is fueled by super-sugary cereals. LeBron has proclaimed his love for Fruity Pebbles, Frosted Flakes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

    Little childish perhaps, but it's a much healthier obsession than gambling!

Floyd Mayweather Jr: Diamonds and Furs

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    Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has an awful lot of money, so it makes sense that he would have an awful lot of stuff.

    Whether or not it makes sense that he stocks his closet with the same luxury items as Jennifer Lopez, that's for another day. 

Joe Johnson: Sneakers

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    In September 2011, Atlanta Hawks guard Joe Johnson took ESPN The Magazine on a tour of his closet. The contents: 20 blingy watches, a chain worth $150k, Russian winter hats and 436 pairs of (mostly unworn) sneakers.

    If you're thinking of burglarizing his home in hopes of getting your grubby little mitts on his sneaks, think again. Johnson has a high-tech shoe vault that requires finger print recognition to access it. A vault for 400+ pairs of shoes that he doesn't wear; what a practical purchase.  

    Johnson also has a horrifying custom truck worth over $200k that requires 200 gallons for a full tank. 

Herschel Walker: Fitness

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    There's nothing crazy about wanting to stay in shape, and you can't argue that 49-year-old Herschel Walker looks better then most men half his age. Unfortunately, it takes a very special kind of person to live Walker's ultra-motivated, super dedicated, mega-healthy life. 

    Walker is a strict vegetarian and wakes up at 5:30 a.m. and does approximately 1,500 push-ups and 2,000 sit-ups, and has even used ballet training as strength training. He's even been pursuing a second post-football career in MMA. 

Wade Boggs: Chicken

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    During his career in MLB, Hall of Famer Wade Boggs ate a chicken before every single game; earning him the nickname "Chicken Man." Even today, he still insists on having chicken at least once per week, but that wasn't the only ritual that Boggs became obsessed with. 

    According to TotalProSports.com, Boggs took exactly 150 ground balls during infield practice, always entered the batting cage at exactly 5:17 p.m. and did wind sprints at exactly 7:17 p.m. His in-game rituals were even stranger. 

    I think there's medication for this kind of behavior. 

Marshawn Lynch: Skittles

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    Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch depends on Skittles to get him into Beast Mode before each game. In December 2011, Lynch was spotted on the Seattle sidelines chowing down Skittles right before he busted through the Eagles' defense and ran for a 40-yard touchdown. 

    If Lynch loves Skittles, then Skittles love him right back. The candy company hooked him up with a 24-month supply and a dispenser for his locker so that he can always taste the rainbow. 

Sean Avery: Women's Clothes

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    New York Ranger rabble rouser Sean Avery is obsessed with clothes, particularly women's clothes. Says Avery of his passion: 

    "What started innocently enough with my first tie-dyed Chip & Pepper shirt at age 12 has evolved over a decade and a half into a closet full of Dries Van Noten, YSL, Dior, and Costume National, to name just a few. 

    Women's clothes are especially interesting-- there are so many options, and they can tell more of a story." 

    Avery says that some guys like golf, and he likes fashion. He may have stolen dolls from his babysitter as a child, but he dares you to make fun of him to his face. 

Caron Butler: Straws

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    Los Angeles Clippers forward Caron Butler definitely has some vices, and chewing straws has got to be the weirdest one. He has had the habit for quite awhile, and goes through approximately 12 per game. 

    Butler has said the chewing used to calm him down in games when he was a teenager, and then he just kept up the habit. In 2010, the NBA banned straw chewing, insisting it was a "safety issue." 

Curt Schilling: Online Video Games

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    In an interview with IGN Sports in 2006, (now retired) Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling listed what he packed for road trips by priority: laptop, underwear and bathroom kit.

    He said he could get by on a two week road trip better without underwear than without his laptop. At the time, Schilling was addicted to the online game EverQuest and even admitted to playing the game for 20-30 hours at a time. 

    Well today he's still got the same enthusiasm, and a lot more time on his hands to manage his own video-game start-up, 38 Studios.  

Tim Duncan: Swords and Knives

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    Earlier in this list, you found out that San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan is a Dungeons & Dragons nerd, but since he's also an enthusiastic collector of swords and knives, you might not want to call him that to his face. 

    Duncan has a vast collection that includes a number of historic pieces, and even a four-foot long real samurai sword. 

Ryan Klesko: Hunting & Law Enforcement

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    Former-MLB player Ryan Klesko probably isn't missing playing mediocre baseball, because he seems a lot more passionate about hunting things and playing make believe with local S.W.A.T. teams. 

    According to TotalProSports.com, during his time with the Braves, Klesko would ride along with Atlanta S.W.A.T. teams and even joined them on a number of raids. He was the Dwight Schrute of the Atlanta PD, apparently. 

    Klesko also loves to dress like a tree and film himself killing and skinning things and even hosts his own online show, Hardcore Hunting TV, on PursuitChannel.com. 

Derrick Rose: Gummi Bears

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    Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose likes his candy. Actually, he loves his candy. Rose's "stomach problems" first made headlines when he was playing ball at Memphis; in 2008 he missed media sessions prior to the national championship game against Kansas, and his diet was the suspected culprit. 

    Rose probably wouldn't turn down a bowl of rocks if they were covered with sugar, but his first loves are gummy bears and Skittles. In April 2010, the enablers at the Wrigley Company sent Rose his very own Skittles machine. And in January 2011, Rose was diagnosed with stomach ulcers, despite hiring a personal chef three months prior.  

Lyoto Machida: Urine Therapy

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    Men's Fitness listed former-UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida as one of their 10 Most Superstitious Athletes. That would make sense if Machida drank his own urine because of some weirdo superstition; but he doesn't. 

    Michida learned the practice from his karate master father and believes urine is a natural medicine which cleanses the body. He does this every…single…day…

Chris Kaman: Fireworks

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    In July 2010, New Orleans center Chris Kaman exploded $10,000 worth of fireworks on his lawn. And apparently, one of his brave friends tied 25 mortar shells, lit the fuse and advised everyone to haul ass. 

    One recorded incident might not seem like an "obsession," but nobody spends $10,000 on fireworks just once. If you aren't a "fireworks person" yourself, chances are you know one and know they'd spend most evenings shooting off fireworks if money, legality, weather and the inability to gather an audience of friends each night, weren't issues. 

Dwight Howard: Skittles

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    Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard is one of many professional athletes tasting the rainbow. Howard is a serious Skittles enthusiast, who danced around in a Skittles-branded Superman cape (provided by the company) in order to earn this custom pinball machine. 

    Howard will never be short of his favorite candy now; there's a slot in the front of the pinball machine that holds 30 packs of Skittles. 

Maurice Jones-Drew & Arian Foster: Call of Duty

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    NFL running backs Maurice Jones-Drew and Arian Foster share a mutual obsession with Call of Duty. 

    Foster says he likes the game because, "You get to shoot people without really shooting people," and confessed to playing the game for seven to eight hours at a time while he healed from knee surgery in 2011. 

    Jones-Drew loves to compete with gamers from around the world, and says he's made friends in London, Japan and South America who give him a different perspective on life.  

Caron Butler: Mountain Dew

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    Los Angeles Clippers forward Caron Butler used to have a full-on obsession with the PepsiCo brand moonshine, better known as Mountain Dew. Butler has since given up the nuclear horse piss, but he used to down no less than six 12-ounce Mountain Dews per day. 

    Butler said that giving it up resulted in two of the worst weeks of his life, complete with headaches and night sweats. It wasn't all bad though; he also dropped 11 pounds and likely added a few years to his life. 

Shaquille O'Neal: Superman

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    Retired baller Shaquille O'Neal's Superman obsession is well known. Shaq has a Superman tattoo, a Superman bed, a Superman speaker box, Superman monogrammed seats in his car, a Superman grill

    Shaq loves Superman so much that when the Magic's Dwight Howard showed interest in becoming the NBA's new Superman, he had his nickname officially endorse by the society that represents the creators of Superman. 

    Shaq literally got them to publicly declare him "the true 'Superman' of the NBA, ending any debate—if there ever was one—that Orlando's Dwight Howard legitimately wears the cape."

    That seriously happened. 

JaMarcus Russell: Purple Drank

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    There's no need to pile on former-NFL quarterback JaMarcus Russell; we all know how that story ended. Seriously, the dude's "life coach" quit. 

    Russell's love of the Purple Drank is well documented, including an arrest for possession in July, 2010.

Dwyane Wade: Sneakers

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    Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade likes sneakers…a lot. Wade used to have an endorsement deal along with his own line of shoes, named "The Wade," with Converse.

    Then, as athletes tend to do, D-Wade traded up and now he shills for Nike's Jordan Brand. Along with Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, Wade was handpicked by Jordan to develop signature shoes for the brand. 

    Wade's sneaker collection is so vast that at least one full room in his house is dedicated to housing his kicks. 

Lamar Odom: Candy

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    Dallas Mavericks Forward Lamar Odom has an absolutely insane addiction to candy. All candy. Khloe Kardashian's better half eats candy in the morning, during practice, after practice, during shoot-arounds before games, after games and he even keeps candy scattered around his bed in case he wakes up in the middle of the night and needs a fix. 

    In this video he refers to himself as "the supplier" for the Lakers' candy needs, and the following candies are referenced: Gummi Savers, Twizzlers, Hershey Cookies and Cream (eats 4-5 per day), pecan swirls, honeybuns, Watermelon Annihilators, Snickers, Nibs, Starbursts, Skittles, Fruity Rings, Gummi Worms, Fudge Stripes and then Smart Water.

    Wait till this dude stops playing basketball.