New England Patriots: The 3 Most Important Victories of Week 15

Caleb Abner@cjabshypeContributor IIIDecember 19, 2011

New England Patriots: The 3 Most Important Victories of Week 15

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    And that's a wrap!

    Out of every week so far this season, Week 15 was by far the most turbulent. The Eagles crushed the Jets' playoff hopes, Detroit kept their dreams alive by one point and the mediocre Redskins stiff-armed the ambitious Giants.

    And those weren't even the three most important games. 

Patriots Sack Tebow 41-23

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    There was no way that anybody could have predicted the course of this game. The tide flipped more times than a Papa John's pizza. 

    First, the Broncos ran over the Pats to six. On the extra point, a bad snap almost led to a Pats' conversion. Ochocinco recorded his first touchdown as a Patriot. Denver rushed through the miserable New England defense for another six, then made the extra point. They recorded the next score too, a field goal. In response, New England scored 27 unanswered points and forced several fumbles.

    Tebow played the greatest game of his NFL career by a long shot. Sure, passing against New England is easy, but he accumulated almost 300 total yards and if not for some idiotic backwards scrambles, would have had well over that total. 

    Luckily for the Broncos, Oakland lost to the Lions. "God's Team" is still alive.

    So much for Mat Prater being the key player, SNL.

    You were right, however, that Tom Brady has to be God's nephew.

Jim Caldwell Will Return for 2012

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    When I first read that Caldwell would be fired if his team went 0-16, I was extremely skeptical. The 13-straight losses should have sent him packing, as they would have for any other NFL coach. Tony Sparano was just starting to turn Miami around before his departure. 

    I thought that Caldwell and the ownership must have made some agreement that they would "Suck For Luck" and keep the coaches around Week 7. I guess I was wrong. 

    Though the Texans are falling down the power rankings, the Titans have lost all hopes of playoffs this year. Locker will probably end up finishing their season.

    Orlovsky went 0-16 before, but no more.

But They Weren't Even Resting Their Starters Yet...

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    Well, the dream is dead. The only thing the Packers have left to aspire to is home-field advantage. 

    Rodgers may lose his MVP award after this game. In 35 pass attempts, he had barely more than 200 yards and a less than 50 percent completion percentage. Better "Luck" next year. Get it? Next year, the best young quarterback won't be Rodgers; it'll be a luckier kind of dude.

    Sorry for those horrendous puns.  

    Now every team from east to west knows the weaknesses in Wisconsin. All it takes is a hell of a lot of field goals, Romeo Crennel and a schmuck who lost his job to Tebow. 

    Too bad, the NFL really wanted a clean-cut version of the 2007 Pats.

    There's always next year.