Hang Ten: Top 10 Career Dunks on Knicks' 2011-2012 Roster

Will HofmannContributor IIDecember 19, 2011

Hang Ten: Top 10 Career Dunks on Knicks' 2011-2012 Roster

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    New York Knicks fans are basking in their team's retooled roster and new potential for winning. In the past week: Tyson Chandler joined forces with Carmelo and Amar'e, Iman Shumpert impressed during preseason play, and the Knicks defeated the Nets on Saturday.

    With Baron Davis likely to sign with the 'Bockers in the coming days, Madison Square Garden just became that much more exciting. Forget sugarplums dancing in their heads, Knicks fans are dreaming of Davis throwing alley-oops to the Triborough Trio. 

    To get New York fans even more excited for the upcoming season let's relive this roster's top ten dunks.

10. Amar'e Stoudemire vs Anthony Tolliver

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    Amar'e just made Anthony Tolliver look like the smallest 6'9" man on the face of the earth with this dunk.

    If his back is as healthy as he claims, Stoudemire will make a few players in the league feel as little as he made Tolliver feel with this dunk.

9. Iman Shumper vs the Lockout

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    The Knicks first round pick, Iman Shumpert, took advantage of the lockout and got into the gym. 

    Here, fans get a glimpse of the sheer athletic potential that is Iman Shumpert.

    With a vertical leap over 40 inches, Shumpert has all the tools to become a regular on ESPN's top ten and a YouTube sensation.

    With time and patience, fans will get to see Shumpert shine under the bright lights of New York City.

8. Tyson Chandler vs Andrew Bynum

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    This alley-oop should get Knicks fans really excited. 

    Here, an older, savvy point guard finds the tall target: Mr. Tyson Chandler.

    Now imagine a veteran like Mike Bibby or Baron Davis using a Chandler pick and lofting up an alley-oop for the sure handed seven footer. 

    This will become a reality for New York starting Christmas Day versus the Boston Celtics

7. Bill Walker vs Josh Boone

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    When Bill Walker played for the Boston Celtics, garbage time was always an exciting affair.

    This season Walker will be getting some minutes coming off the bench and using his athleticism to help the Knicks. Stay tuned.

6. Landry Fields vs Amir Johnson

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    While Landry Fields will look to have an impressive sophomore year, fans will expect more athletic maneuvers like this tip slam.

    On his flight towards the rim, it seems as if the rim is almost an obstacle to the high flying Fields.

    With the Knicks run and gun style, Landry should have multiple Field(s) days against older, slower opponents.

5. Tyson Chandler vs Tim Duncan

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    The Knicks organiztion thought about trading Amar'e Stoudemire for Chris Paul, and as happy as Knicks fans are that they didn't, this play reflects the thinking of the Knicks front office.

    As previously stated, I think that Bibby and/or Davis will be be able to fill the role of alley-oop throwers.

4. Renaldo Balkman vs Devin Harris

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    Isaiah Thomas was criticized for drafting Renaldo Balkman instead of Rajon Rondo or Marcus Williams, and Balkman's career production has justified some of that criticism.

    That being said, Balkman is athletic and will likely get some minutes off the  Knicks bench. His defensive prowess should guarantee him at least a limited role. Heck, the small forward dropped 20 points on Saturday against the Nets.

    Look for one or two big dunks—like this one—from Balkman in 2011-2012.

3. Carmelo Anthony vs Paul Millsap

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    I've always felt that Melo takes it a little easier on the rim with his slams than most NBA dunkers. This dunk is an exception to the rule.

    Knicks fans can look forward to winning more games with Anthony on the team for a full season. They can also look forward to some serious hang time from number 7.

2. Amar'e Stoudemire Dunk vs Michael Olowokandi

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    This gem comes from Amar'e's rookie season as a Phoenix Sun.

    Mr. Stoudemire can do a lot of damage coming off the pick and roll, just ask Michael Olowokandi.

1. Baron Davis vs Andrei Kirilenko

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    Baron Davis will bring a lot of things to the New York Knicks this season. These include: veteran leadership, play-making, and ability to beat a defender one on one. Dunks like this, though, are a part of his past.

    Age and injuries will likely keep "Boom Dizzle" somewhat grounded for the remainder of his career, but he will have a plethora of targets for alley-oops on this very athletic Knicks roster.