Derek Lowe Close to Signing with New York Mets

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIDecember 31, 2008

The New York Mets are once again close to a deal with free agent pitcher Derek Lowe. Lowe was 14-11 in 34 games during the year of 2008. His ERA was 3.24 in the '08 season. 

The Mets, according to multiple sources, offered Lowe a three-year deal worth $36 million dollars. That is $12 million a year. If Lowe accepts this offer, it will be great for the Mets. Only a month ago this guy was asking for Barry Zito-like money, when he signed with the San Francisco Giants two years ago.

Lowe played on the '04 Red Sox World Series championship team. Despite a down year, Lowe pitched phenomenal in Game Four of the '04 World Series—he had a shutout, which carried the Red Sox to their first World Series title since the dinosaurs roamed.

This guy is a winner; he has great stuff, and if he pitches in the Mets No. 2 spot in the rotation behind Johan Santana, that would be a pretty violent one-two punch. Lowe's appearance on the Mets pitching rotation changes everything.

I'll be checking every five minutes or so, and I will keep everybody updated on this great opportunity for the Mets to look a lot more like contenders.