Jimmer Fredette Video: Watch NBA Prodigy Teach You How to Jimmer

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Jimmer Fredette has had a long offseason, but he is starting to get into the swing of things as the NBA preseason tips off. With his first game just eight days away, there are plenty of questions he has left to answer, like how do you really do the "Jimmer?"

For those of you that aren't familiar with the "Jimmer," it is the dance craze that swept the nation off its feet last year as he was lighting up the scoreboard at BYU. There were some imitators that thought they knew what they were doing, but now we have the definitive word. 

When Fredette was drafted, the biggest concern that people had was how he handled himself on the defensive side of the ball. He didn't try to guard anyone in college, so we had never really seen him go one-on-one with anyone. 

Now, with his dance still being so popular, perhaps he will just try to make sure that anyone he is going up against will see him doing the "Jimmer." I know that if I was defending him that I would be rolling on the ground laughing watching him do that. 

Sadly, I don't think that is going to happen because he wants to be taken seriously as an NBA player. Ron Artest has never put logic or sanity ahead of doing something stupid, so what makes Fredette so special?

But even if we don't get to see the "Jimmer" live on the court, we can watch to see how he handles himself as an actual basketball player. 

He will be one of the big stories to pay attention to when the season does tip-off, so he will have more on his mind than fancy dance moves and how exactly you do them. 

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