'Saturday Night Live' Spoofs Tim Tebow and Denver Broncos' Winning Streak

Brett LyonsContributor IIIDecember 18, 2011

On this week's edition of "Saturday Night Live," hosted by Jimmy Fallon, the show ran a spoof of the Denver Broncos locker room set after last Sunday's 13-10 win over the Chicago Bears right before going off the air for the night.

Honestly, the sketch was terrific.

Jesus Christ (portrayed by SNL member Jason Sudeikis) appears in the locker room right after Tebow gives thanks and praise for another win. Jesus single-handedly takes credit for the last six consecutive Denver wins.

Tebow immediately thanks Jesus for his contributions during the streak. Jesus, however, is a little more "critical" of Tebow—especially his first three quarters against the Bears, explaining how he can't bail them out every weekend.

He jokes that the Broncos have to "meet him halfway" on some of these come-from-behind victories and that his 3-of-16 first-half performances have to stop. Jesus critiques Tebow, saying he needs to put down the Bible before games and read through the playbook one or two more times.

Jesus also states he prays to Broncos kicker Matt Prater (re-enacted by SNL's Andy Samberg), who hit 50-plus-yard field goals in the final 2:00 of regulation and the game winner in overtime to beat the Bears. Why does no one know Jesus praises Prater? He says he's "not in everyone's face about it," while staring straight at Tebow.

The last remark before Jesus leaves the scene is for Tebow to take it down a notch. Tebow reassures him that his command shall be joke. Jesus halts him one last time by joking it was more of a request, not a command.

The scene encompasses religious jokes, Tebowing and even some shots at the New England Patriots—the next opponent for the Broncos in Week 15. Overall, it's a tremendously well-done take on how the Broncos keep managing to win. It's light-hearted, amusing and paints things in a humorous light.

The video is certainly well worth a watch and will not disappoint. For those who happen to be Tebow-maniacs or just enjoy the drama week-in and week-out, this clip is sure to bring a chuckle.


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