Time for the Ottawa Senators to Pull Out the Big Guns

Sara Van CriekingenContributor IFebruary 17, 2008

After losing three consecutive games, it’s about time that Ottawa Senators coach John Paddock and general manager Bryan Murray get the message across.

Let’s not be too picky when pointing out mistakes. But what’s the real problem?

Well for starters, who is the go-to goalie?

Clearly the problem isn’t bad goaltending, but who deserves the start. Right now it appears Paddock is giving equal opportunity, past antics set aside.

The Senators haven't been media moguls in past years, but have stirred up controversies on every sports network and blog site this season. Ray Emery with his post-Stanley run antics and Martin Gerber’s lack of confidence are just a few topics the media latched on to.

So where does this leave the new acquired players? Murray’s so called “robbery” has enabled ownership of a top-six forward and an amazing defensive deal. This acquisition has also allowed $5.5 million to be freed and possible inquiry on Peter Forsburg or Marian Hossa come trade deadline.

Although it seems the newcomers are seeing the worst of the storm, they are definitely finding a new groove. Mike Commodore has bumped and finished every check, and Cory Stillman has assisted a few fine goals.

Penalties are definitely a fan's biggest repugnance and we can clearly see a lack of power plays for the Sens. No one can believe the penalty minutes they have accumulated, and the frustration is eminent.

Drawing their own power plays can be tough, but using them to the fullest has been a challenge lately.

Overcoming adversity is a term used a lot lately. The Senators are definitely dealing with their fair share of adversity, as they are hitting some rough ice on their quest for the cup.

Maybe this dreadful patch is a good thing.

Getting over a post All-Star slump will surely toughen them up come playoff time. Maybe it is time for the Senators to get one of Alfie’s pep talks—a little goes a long way.