All Eyes on Manchester City: First Time in a Long Time

True BlueCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2008

So, for the first time in my lifetime, all the footballing world seems to be focusing its attention on Manchester City.

If you support one of Europe's "big" teams you won't really understand how important that is to us, the fans.

You will be used to acres of newspaper reporting, airtime, and the almost smug "I wonder which big name players we will sign" attitude that comes with supporting the likes of AC Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea, or Manchester United.

But things have changed dramatically over the last several months, and it seems that Manchester City is now at the epicentre of all things football.

Most footie fans are looking forward to what we do in the transfer window, tinged with regret, envy, or all manner of emotions attached. And for me, that's great.

The waiting is almost over, the January transfer window is having its painted-over hinges loosened, and I, for one, am as happy as a dog with two di**s.