Why Marquis Daniels Now Needs to Step Up in Order for the Celtics to Succeed

Patrick Buscone@pbuscone10Senior Analyst IDecember 17, 2011

BOSTON - DECEMBER 01:  Marquis Daniels #8  of the Boston Celtics reacts after a foul is called against him in the first half against the Portland Trailblazers on December 1, 2010 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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Perhaps the Celtics had a premonition about their young, versatile swingman, Jeff Green, when they brought back Marquis Daniels, another versatile swingman. But I'm not sure even the Celtics organization could have predicted how much they would come to need Daniels.

In a perfect world, Jeff Green wouldn't have needed heart surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm and his season would have been salvaged. But alas, for the Celtics especially, it is not a perfect world.

The loss of Green will no doubt have detrimental effects on the Celtics' quest for Banner No. 18. Green would have been one of the few young stars on an aging team and would have been able to relieve 34-year-old Paul Pierce from playing premium minutes and adding to the mileage on his aging legs.

He also could have relieved Kevin Garnett of playing big minutes as well.

With his absence, however, an opportunity is created, the opportunity for former Celtic Marquis Daniels to step back into the role he once had with the Celtics until a scary neck injury sidelined him seemingly indefinitely.

Although it may be too much to ask of him after his injury, the Celtics need Marquis Daniels to return to his level of play pre-injury. If he can't produce off the bench, then the Celtics will be forced to play Pierce the majority of the game in order to win.

And if the Celtics want to have any chance of winning a championship, they need to be able to take the pressure off of the Big Three. Not to mention the fact that a lack of depth usually spells failure in the playoffs anyways.

But if the Quis can return to his old self, then the loss of Green won't end up being so detrimental after all. Strange as it may seem, Daniels had nearly the same stats with the Celtics last season as Green did.

They both averaged around 10 points, three rebounds and an assist off the bench. So Daniels can certainly fill the void Green's injury created by simply playing like he did when he was last with the team.

And for Daniels and Green, things have come full-circle. For it was Daniels' freak injury that forced the Celtics hand in trading for Green. And the void Daniels left forced Green to step up in order for the Celtics to succeed.

Now it seems a reversal of fates has occurred. Green's surgery has left yet another void at the position, one Marquis Daniels must now fill.