WWE TLC 2011: Jon Fisher's Predictions for the Show

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIDecember 18, 2011

WWE TLC 2011: Jon Fisher's Predictions for the Show

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    Tonight in Baltimore, Md., the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view will commence and will ultimately answer a few questions pertaining to a few wrestlers (I refuse to call them superstars).

    Mark Henry's big push could come to a screeching halt tonight, or he could rise to the occasion by silencing all of the doubters. Zack Ryder, a man who has worked his ass off and is finally receiving his just desserts, could do all of that tonight.

    Could the Barrett Barrage culminate with a PPV victory of the Apex Predator, Randy Orton? Also, battle of egotistical veterans ends with a sledgehammer hanging over the ring.

    Triple H and Kevin Nash settle their differences tonight and we'll witness the burial of burials, meaning both men are masters at the craft.

    Cody Rhodes faces Booker T in his comeback match for the Intercontinental strap. Is Booker putting Rhodes over or just here to claim more gold?

    Lastly, we have CM Punk vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio in a triple threat match for the WWE Title. The IWC has its eyes on this match, as we could see the push of the new face fall through and a once Wrestlemania main-eventer rise again.

    Tonight, many answers could revealed and more questions could arise. One pivotal question though, where is John Cena?

    To the slideshow we go...

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett in a Tables Match

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    The Barrett Barrage is in full effect and it has been for months now. Starting with guys like Tyson Kidd and Santino Marella to defeating the likes of Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, Barrett has done something right.

    Whether it is his natural heel mic skills or his wrestling ability, he is on the rise for good.

    This feud has been building for quite some time now. Week after week on Smackdown or Raw, Barrett has been interrupting Orton in his matches, causing him to lose.

    As for the Viper, not much else has changed, except he is assisting in building younger talent. Remember the Kingston incident? Yeah, so do I, but this time, Orton remembers his time as a young, inconsistent talent. Maybe a bit of emotion?

    Barrett currently has the upper hand in this feud, as he definitely should. In the Beat the Clock challenge two weeks ago on Smackdown, Barrett interfered again and almost cost Orton the match.

    Which leads us to the Tables match, picked by Randall himself. Despite the recent storm brought by the Prospect Killer, expect the Barrett Barrage to continue.

    Prediction: Wade Barrett will be victorious and reach one step closer to his ultimate goal: the World Heavyweight Championship.

Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T for the Intercontinental Championship

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    The Dashing, Undashing or maniacal Cody Rhodes has a big fight ahead of him tonight against a five-time WCW Champion.

    It all started with a splash of water to the face of the current announcer and it escalated from there, to the point where the picture to my left occurred. Booker T has been downgrading Rhodes for about a month and a half; it was only a matter of time before the future main-eventer did something about it.

    The two were supposed to have a match three weeks ago, but Rhodes put that to rest with a beat down backstage. The next episode, the same thing happened, but before the show even started.

    Two weeks ago, Booker had the upper-hand and attacked Rhodes during a match. Now, this past Friday night, nothing happened due to Teddy Long's stipulation for the Rhodes/Bryan match, but a good back and forth promo took place before the match.

    What does this mean for Rhodes and Booker?

    We should be in for a treat from the maniacal one, and Booker's performance will be interesting. Altogether, the more talented son should stay on top.

    Prediction: Cody Rhodes will be victorious tonight and should continue the feud. Don't be surprised to see D-Bry in this match somehow, since he is not on the card.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder for the United States Championship

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    Between Dolph Ziggler's rise to the top and Ryder's first shot at the belt, this match is pretty hard to predict.

    For months now, Ryder has been using Twitter and the WWE fans (I refuse to say Universe) to his advantage and it finally paid off. He now has a U.S. Title match tonight and the "broskis" will be present.

    Ryder has made huge advancements in every part of his game, especially the wrestling department. Along with his mat skills and the ability to connect with the fans, he is definitely on McMahon's good side.

    Ziggler is arguably the closest one to a main-event spot out of Rhodes, Bryan or Barrett, and it almost came true last Monday night on Raw. His wrestling skills are top-notch and the natural charisma has blossomed into the "show-off".

    Ryder holds multiple victories over Ziggler (with the help of Hugh Jackman) and that gives him the edge. However, that logic isn't what drives this feud home.

    Prediction: Dolph Ziggler will lose his title to Zack Ryder and head to the main-event scene. There is a possible Vickie/Jack interference, causing Dolph to lose, but that is just pure speculation.

Mark Henry vs. Big Show in a Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

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    These two behemoths have had an interesting rivalry over the past few months. Despite only wrestling two times, each one has been somewhat exciting.

    Each man brings out the best in one another and this is the first time I've seen Henry at his best. I must admit, I'm impressed.

    The match tonight leaves me with two question.

    1. After Henry wins, where does he go from there?
    2. Will Daniel Bryan make an appearance and cash it in?

    Let's be honest: Bryan is not ready to be World Champion. If he comes out there and cashes it in, I'd expect him to fail.

    As for my other question, Henry has one possible foe to attend to. That man is Wade Barrett. After he finishes off Orton, I wouldn't be surprised to see Barrett come out and make an impact.

    This match will not be long and will be the last one of their "rivalry."

    Prediction: Mark Henry will move on and retain his World Title. Don't expect a good match. I apologize.

Kevin Nash vs. Triple H: Ladder Match with a Sledgehammer Hanging Above the Ring

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    Someone called this match a "show-stealer;" are you serous?

    Regardless, without Triple H's promo last Monday night at the Slammy's, this match would have been poorly built up.

    The last we saw of Kevin Nash was a squash match against Santino Marella. I'll let you decide the winner there.

    These two veterans have a very deep past and we are now witnessing the next chapter unfold tonight in Baltimore. Both men seem to be in good shape and could put on a great match. The winner, however is unpredictable if looking at it logically.

    Nash is back and should be seen as a powerhouse, while Hunter is the COO and coming off a "neck injury."

    Personally, I'm not looking forward to this contest.

    Prediction: I apologize for such a short match description, but the match isn't easy to describe. I will take HHH in this match to avenge his injury. Don't be shocked if we see a guest interfere, possibly continuing the feud to the Royal Rumble.

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz in a Triple Threat TLC Match

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    Now, here is a match I am looking forward to.

    The best in the world vs. the fohawk, suit-wearing Miz and the Mexican aristocrat Alberto Del Rio. Each man has a distinct claim of taking home the gold tonight in Baltimore.

    CM Punk has been on a roll since July 17 and hasn't looked back. He took over as the merchandise leader in the WWE. His popularity is sky-high and can be looked at as the face of the company. Also, the IWC is patiently waiting for his long title reign.

    As for the Miz, we watched as he fell from grace on top of his WrestleMania victory over John Cena last April, to teaming with R-Truth and losing to the Rock and John Cena at Survivor Series.

    Miz has always been a main-event player and there is no doubt there. The fact he hasn't had a WWE Championship match for months now is just sickening.

    Alberto Del Rio is an interesting project. Vince McMahon has striven to make him the top heel of Raw and to no avail, John Cena has taken that spot. Del Rio is bland on the mic and his personal ring announcer attracts more heat from the crowd than him.

    I'll give him credit, he has the ring ability to carry a match, but not a WWE Title. McMahon must be pushing 70 and addicted to Twitter, if he sees Del Rio as a strong major champion.

    Prediction: I will say that each man has a legitimate chance to win. Give me the Second City Saint, CM Punk, to retain his belt and walk out of Maryland the champion.

Where in the World Is John Cena?

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    This is similar to Carmen San Diego and Waldo, except we don't want to find John Cena.

    Cena is in a different situation and tonight could answer the question of his inevitable heel turn. All right, I won't give my prediction on that, but rather if he will show up tonight at TLC.

    Last Monday night on Raw, he was in a match with the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry. It was late in the match and Henry had Cena set up for his signature move, the World's Strongest Slam. Lo and behold, Kane's pyro hits.

    He walks up the ramp with his mask and heads right towards Cena. A hellacious chokeslam to the former champion and leaves.

    At a house show this week, Kane interfered with Cena once again.

    WWE should be smart and continue this feud, but make it a bit personal until Rocky decides to be live, not from satellite.

    If Cena won't be in a match tonight, have Kane attack Cena somewhere. Maybe that would be backstage or doing an interview. Just to make great TV, have Cena at his home (Orton/HHH) or in a grocery store (Booker/SCSA) and slaughter him.

    This feud could be personal and fantastic, if written and performed correctly. It is all up to Creative to make that happen. Are you optimistic? Yea, me neither.

    Question is, what will John Cena do tonight?

    If he is in a title match, we riot.


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    Well, folks, those are my predictions. They should be right and logically sound. If not, well at least I tried.

    Everyone have a fantastic day and enjoy the pay-per-view. I will be tweeting for those who cannot afford the show. Follow @BR_WWE.


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