Can Tim Tebow Keep Winning This Week Against New England Patriots?

Hugo Olguin@@RealHugoOlguinContributor IIIDecember 17, 2011

Tebow never gave in to the Chicago Bears defense.
Tebow never gave in to the Chicago Bears defense.Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Tim Tebow has stunned the NFL world with his winning ways.  His unconventional play makes experts believe he can't make it as a quarterback.  

From his accuracy problems to his elongated throwing motion, NFL analysts do not believe that he can be a great quarterback.  But he finds a way to win.  Tebow has the intangibles that no one wants to give him credit for.  His ability to handle constant pressure is just amazing.  

People in the NFL forget that Tebow is a college football legend.  He led his Florida Gator teams to two National Champions, won a Heisman Trophy and was runner up for two other Heisman Trophy races.  He did all this while playing in the SEC, which is arguably the toughest conference in college football.

Tim Tebow proved then that he can handle the pressure.  That Denver fans worship Tebow just adds to the legend.  They believe in Tebow being the Denver Broncos' starting quarterback to the point where they chanted and fought for him to get the starting job from Kyle Orton.  

There are so many players who would crumble under the pressure of a city that believes in him—and members of the sports world who do not believe in his abilities.  

Being 7-1 as a starter this season completely turned the Broncos season around.  Those fourth-quarter comebacks just keep coming, week after week.  Broncos have rallied around him with their performances.  The Broncos defense is playing phenomenally and the offense keeps making plays with Tebow leading them.  

Before Tebow was the starter, Denver was 1-4.  They were 1-4 with the same players that are playing now.  It really shows how much a team needs a leader to believe in.  Tebow has inspired his teammates to play as hard as they can.  

I do feel coach John Fox has done a great job to basically throw away his offense to make a playbook better suited for Tim Tebow's style of play.  Even with Fox and Broncos executive John Elway refusing to say that Tebow is the future of the Broncos, they have finally adjusted to Tebow rather than just trying to force Tebow to adjust to their ways.  

Now the Broncos will face the Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.  Tebow will have his chance to take on one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.  Everyone wants to see what's going to happen in this game.  

Can Tim Tebow keep up with Tom Brady?  Will he fail to lead the Broncos this time?  

This game will be a lot closer than the experts want to believe.  

As strong as the Patriots offense is, their defense is just horrible.  The Patriots secondary is so beaten up that WRs Julian Edelman and Matthew Slater are playing the safety positions.  This is the game that Tebow can get to 300 yards passing.  

This is Tim Tebow's chance to show that he can take on the best in the NFL and win.  The Broncos vs. Patriots game is one of the most popular matchups of the NFL's Week 15.