Week 15 Fantasy Rankings: Best Wide Recievers for Your Playoff Team

Ed GrayContributor IDecember 17, 2011

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 04:  Jordy Nelson #87 of the Green Bay Packers makes a reception iin the final minute of the fourth quarter against Will Blackmon #36 of the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on December 4, 2011 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Packers won 38-35.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images
Rank Name Rec Y/G Avg TD Notes
1 Larry Fitzgerald 62  84.0  17.6  Caught seven passes for 149 yards and a touchdown last week against tough 49ers defense.
2 Steve Smith 67  93.6  18.2  Faces tough Texans defense this week, but Buccaneers and Saints after that.
3 Wes Welker 100  103.0  13.4  Still have to start him although may get rested between now and end of the regular season.
4 Calvin Johnson 72  86.2  15.6  12  Cooling, but still a must-start.
5 Hakeem Nicks 65  85.3  15.7  Has caught 22 passes his last three games.
6 Percy Harvin 69  59.9  11.3  Mercurial receiver is having a great end of the year with five touchdowns, 32 passes for 393 yards in his last four games.
7 Roddy White 75  74.2  12.9  Falcons still need to win a game or two to secure their spot in the playoffs, so he should still be involved in the offense if healthy.
8 Miles Austin 32  66.6  14.6  Cowboys receivers, when playing and healthy, are great fantasy starts.
9 Mike Wallace 62  79.5  16.7  At 10-3, the Steelers will probably rest some of their offense.
10 A.J. Green 55  74.3  16.2  The Bengals' game-changing receiver faces the Rams followed by the Cardinals and Ravens at home.
Rank Name Rec Y/G Avg TD Notes
11 Victor Cruz 68  88.5  16.9  Has definitely cooled down with no touchdowns his last two games, but you should still start him.
12 Laurent Robinson 46  69.4  16.6  Caught four passes for 137 yards and a touchdown, even with Austin and Bryant healthy.
13 Julio Jones 37  67.0  18.1  Jaguars lost some defensive players, plus you know they will be passing it.
14 Jordy Nelson 51  73.6  18.8  10  Jennings' injury could make his fantasy production even more reliable.
15 Dez Bryant 47  63.0  16.1  Again, the Cowboys receivers are all too hot to not start right now. Bryant should probably be ranked higher than this, but gets rested a bit too much.
16 Vincent Jackson 53  73.2  18.0  Tough next game against Ravens next, but Lions and Oakland after that.
17 Dwayne Bowe 65  72.1  14.4  With Kyle Orton possibly starting, he could have a big game against Packers defense that is good but gives up some big plays.
18 Marques Colston 58  75.1  14.2  Coming off a big game, looks primed for solid output the rest of the way.
19 Brandon Marshall 67  72.1  14.0  Faces struggling pass defense of Buffalo and New England but then the Jets. He actually had a good game against Revis this year, too.
20 Antonio Brown 55  71.2  16.8  I think Brown could continue to be in for some bigger games as the Steelers look to rest some of their players before playoffs.
Rank Name Rec Y/G Avg TD Notes
21 Michael Crabtree 55 55.7 12.1 2 Looking really good lately with 24 catches in his last four games for 333 yards and one touchdown.
 22 Santonio Holmes 43  43.4  13.1  Not doing great, but most consistent receiver of unreliable Jets' pass offense, and does have seven touchdowns.
23 DeSean Jackson 47  63.1  16.1  Just when you thought it safe to drop him, Jackson catches four passes for 59 yards and a touchdown.
23 Anquan Boldin 55  64.3  15.2  Likely have division won after beating the Steelers twice, so may get some resting.  You do not want to bet your fantasy game on Joe Flacco's passing ability.
24 Stevie Johnson 63  60.8  12.5  Has 17 catches for 243 yards and two touchdowns his last three games.
25 Brandon Lloyd 56 66.3 14.2 2 Has 16 catches his last four games and two touchdowns.
26 Torrey Smith 37  53.3  18.7  Explosive receiver trying to make the most of Joe Flacco's hapless passing game.
27 Mario Manningham 36  46.6  12.9  He is also a maddening player for fantasy purposes, doing just well enough to keep Cruz and Nicks down to earth.  That, and of course, keep fantasy owners guessing whether to start him with three touchdowns and 12 catches for 176 yards his last four games.
28 Nate Washington 59  61.4  13.5  May still be an alright play if your stretched at the wide receiver slot.  Questionable injury status is troubling.
29 Jerome Simpson 38  47.3  16.2  Over his past four games has caught 15 passes for 248 yards and two touchdowns.
30 Pierre Garcon 60  65.5  14.2  It is still tempting to start him despite Curtis Painter's exit.  Will be nice to see what he can do next year with someone better throwing.
Rank Name Rec Y/G Avg TD Notes
31 Reggie Wayne 56  57.5  13.4  Still a great receiver, but need someone better throwing it at him.
32 James Jones 26  36.8  18.4  Could definitely see an increase in workload with the tougher coverage switching from Jennings to Nelson.
33 Plaxico Burress 37  39.4  13.8  Plaxico may have the talent, but he has only been consistent enough to drive fantasy owners mad.
 34 Deion Branch 48  51.2  13.9  With Gronkowski and Welker, Branch is still managing to catch 16 passes his last four games for 239 yards and one touchdown.
35 Damian Williams 33  39.4  14.3  Has not looked bad these past few games and the potential is still there for even more.
36 Titus Young 35  40.2  14.9  With the Lions running backs on constant rotation, Young is quickly carving out a potential role in their  offense. Has six catches for 147 yards one touchdown his last two games.
37 Malcom Floyd 25  59.8  21.5  Just when you thought it might be a good idea to play him, Floyd joins his Chargers cohorts in being unreliable with just two catches for 29 yards against a vulnerable Bills defense.  Never really needed him to win in that game though, so he was rested.
38 Jabar Gaffney 52  58.2  14.6  If you are stretched for a wide receiver, you could do worse than taking a chance on Gaffney.
39 Robert Meachem 33  37.9  14.9  We know Drew Brees is going to always score, we just never know how, especially with the Saints offense uncharacteristically healthy.  Still, if you need someone, he has had six catches for 203 yards and two touchdowns his last three games.
40 Jeremy Maclin 47  62.5  13.3  The Eagles season is over, no point in making a strained muscle worse, especially if they can win without him.
Rank Name Rec Y/G Avg TD Notes
41 Lance Moore 45  40.3  10.7  Moore has not caught for a lot of yards, but hard to ignore three TDs in his last three games.
42 Santana Moss 37  50.3  12.2  With Fred Davis gone, the points need to be scored by someone...they might as well come from Moss.
43 Mike Williams 60  53.9  11.7   Has had a down year after a very surprising one last year, but is still a decent start this year.
44 Nate Burleson 54  42.2  10.1  Not looking bad after catching 20 passes for 220 yards and one touchdown his last four games.
45 Davone Bess 42  34.8  10.8  Brandon Marshall is too inconsistent, so we know the Dolphins will be looking to some other players to score.  Bess has favorable matchups in the next couple of weeks against the Bills and Patriots.
46 Johnny Knox 36  54.8  19.8  Seems to be catching more passes from Caleb Hanie, still only a fantasy start if your team is stretched.
47 Jason Avant 46  46.3  13.1  Would not want my fantasy team to rely on the Eagles passing game.
48 Doug Baldwin 45  55.2  16.0  Hopefully you are not stuck with too many of these later-ranked players unless you are in a deeper league or filling in for an injury.
49 Early Doucet 48  46.0  12.5 

Caught three catches for 73 yards and a touchdown last game.

50 Greg Little 52  41.4  10.3  Not so great his last two games, but had 10 catches for 106 yards and a touchdown before that.
? Greg Jennings 67  73.0  14.2  Greg Jennings looks to be out at least a game, maybe the regular season.
? Andre Johnson 31  78.5  15.2  Of course he may come back before the season ends and have a big day, but hard to see the Texans not resting him with a playoff spot secured.