12-Year-Old at the US Open: What Alexis Thompson Has in Store

Joe CottageContributor IJune 13, 2007
If I were Alexis Thompson's old man, I wouldn't let her anywhere near a golf course.
Not with anyone watching, anyway.
The 12-year-old became the youngest ever qualifier for the US Women's Open on Monday, shooting rounds of 71 and 72 at Heathrow Country Club in Heathrow, Florida. Thompson will join a 156-player field at the Open later this summer.
And may God have mercy on her soul.
If Michelle Wie has taught us anything, it's that starting early has its drawbacks. Like, serious drawbacks—drawbacks that'll turn you into a nationally-mocked, psychologically-broken husk of anything you might have ever hoped to be.
It is—or at least it may be—too late for Michelle Wie to pull out of her tailspin. Not so for Alexis Thompson. Here's hoping Mom and Dad have enough sense to keep the youngster safe on that long and winding road to glory.