20 Most Incredible Hockey Trick-Shot Videos Ever

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2011

20 Most Incredible Hockey Trick-Shot Videos Ever

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    Hockey is all about style points.

    OK, maybe that's not true, but it sure is fun to watch some of these elite athletes work magic with the puck. Whether in a shootout or a live game, hockey players have the ability to do things many consider impossible.

    Then again, when you're on the ice as often as most of the professional players in the world, you learn a trick or two in your spare time.

    Let's take a look at some of the best trick shots ever recorded.

The Russian Rocket at His Finest

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    No stranger to the highlight reel, Pavel Bure piled up 437 goals in his NHL career. None may have been better than this one right here.

    A classic trick shot, Bure tapped the puck off his skate and right back onto the tape of his stick for an easy tap in goal. The goaltender didn't even know what hit him.

No Age Limit for This List

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    Sure, Oscar Milton may only be 17, and we may never hear his name again, but this goal is enough for him to live in YouTube glory for years.

    Somehow, this video has over 250 dislikes. As one commenter suggests, the only people who dislike this video are goalies.

Afinogenov Dazzles

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    Plenty of players have done a half-spin, but here, Maxim Afinogenov is forced into a complete 360-degree spin and manages to slide the puck between his legs to his forehand and finish the play.

    Balance, hands and a bit of luck all went into this excellent tally.

Off-Speed Pitch

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    Linus Omark is going to put on a show at the NHL level in shootouts for years to come. He just derives great pleasure from making a goaltender look like a complete moron. See above for evidence.

Vokoun Looks Foolish

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    I've begun to notice that the goaltenders are looking quite foolish in each and every one of these videos.

    Vokoun doesn't know what just hit him. He's probably wondering if that's even legal.

Rick Nash One Leg

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    Speaking of goalies looking ridiculous, J.S. Giguere, everyone!

    Rick Nash takes the leg raise to a complete exaggeration, freezing Giguere long enough to shelf the puck right over him.

Trickery in Traffic

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    Some NHL players make a living on their ability to collect and bury the puck around the net. Then there's Rick Nash.

    Not only does he collect the puck with ease, Nash is able to pull off a between-the-legs shot that finds the top shelf from just a few feet away from the net.

The Great No. 8

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    Alexander Ovechkin is not exactly one for the trick shot. Crazy dangles? Yes. Insane wristers? Of course. But Ovi's shot is so great that he doesn't need to be too deceptive once he dangles his way through the entire defense.

    However, after getting knocked to the ground, Ovechkin is forced to pull off the shot from his back. As usual, the Russian phenom doesn't disappoint.

Shootout Greatness

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    Before it was a more common move on the hockey scene, Marek Malik went with the between-the-legs top-shelf dandy.

    Yeah, that's right, Marek Malik.

Godfather of the Trick Shot

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    I would be remiss if I did not pay homage to the father of the trick shot, Denis Savard.

    Take a look at what trick moves looked like before the days of composite sticks and lanes upon lanes of open ice.

"The Michigan"

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    Any time a trick shot is named after the school that pulled it off, that's got to be a hell of a move.

    Nobody should be surprised to find this one on the list.

Between the Legs with a Twist

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    As the announcer said, "If you're going to try it, it better go in."

    Lucky for Mike Ribeiro, this one found twine.

Granlund Works His Magic

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    A similar goal to "The Michigan," Granlund is skating full-speed behind the net when he props the puck up on his blade and finds the narrowest of gaps in the goaltender to put it home.

He Did What?

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    Skip ahead a bit in the video to see what Rob Schremp has up his sleeve. It's really as if he has super glue on his stick. I've never seen anything like it.

Epitome of Trickery

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    We could be looking at hockey's next great superstar in Nido Niederreiter. Of course, I wouldn't expect him to pull many moves like this at the NHL level.

Ryan Strome

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    Ryan Strome hasn't cracked the NHL lineup yet, but with goals like this one, he could be skating in the big leagues before long.

The Forsberg

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    Peter Forsberg had an amazing career filled with accomplishments. Perhaps the biggest of those accomplishments was this shootout goal, which caused this move to be named after the legendary Swede.

Datsyukian Dangles

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    Datsyuk has had so many incredible trick shots, it seemed fitting that they all go on one slide. His moves speak for themselves.

Dirty Mitts

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    Patrick Kane has insane hands. If you didn't know it before his shootout goal against the Minnesota Wild, you now know. Just watch and admire his insane hands.


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    Eliezer Sherbatov combined three moves into one on this goal. He toe-drags, goes between the legs and proceeds to flip the puck into the air only to bat it into the top corner.

    There are some great goals on this list, but none can match this in my mind.