WWE TLC 2011: 13 Bold Predictions for the Upcoming PPV

Trevor MedeirosCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2011

WWE TLC 2011: 13 Bold Predictions for the Upcoming PPV

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    It’s always tough to foresee what’s going to happen at a WWE pay-per-view. Still, that’s not going to deter me from putting on my prognosticator’s cap to determine how the upcoming Tables, Ladders and Chairs event is going to pan out.

    I’ve developed quite the list of juicy, bold predictions for TLC that will have the Internet Wrestling Community abuzz with chatter, for reasons most likely good and bad.  Here are my dirty dozen (plus one) TLC predictions. 

The Big Show Will Win the World Heavyweight Championship

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    This is more of a big—literally—prediction, rather than a bold one.  Much like when they rewarded Mark Henry for his company loyalty by giving him the title, WWE bookers will do the same for the Big Show and reward him with the World Heavyweight Championship at Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

    However, don’t expect Show’s title run to last as long as Henry’s did.  He’ll merely be a transitional championship, as the belt will be placed on either Cody Rhodes or Wade Barrett in the very near future.  

Jack Swagger Will Turn Face

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    It’s hard to believe that the two-time, two-time All American American, Jack Swagger, is a former one-time World Heavyweight Champion—that’s how irrelevant he has become.  It’s time for Swagger to catapult himself back into relevancy, and turning face is the perfect way to do so.

    Swagger will turn on his colleague, Dolph Ziggler, costing him his precious United States Championship at TLC.  This will open the door for a future Swagger-Ziggler rivalry, giving Swagger some much-needed buzz in his WWE career,one that has become quite stagnant. 

Randy Orton Will Punt Wade Barrett

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    I don’t know about anyone else, but I think we’re long overdue for another patented and vicious Randy Orton punt to the skull.  This time, Orton’s TLC opponent, Wade Barrett, will be the unfortunate victim.

    Orton’s boot to Barrett’s noggin could serve two purposes.  It could end the rivalry between the two.

    Or it could ramp up the feud to an even more intense level, perhaps propelling it straight into a WrestleMania showdown.

Randy Orton Will Botch It Somehow

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    If I’m Wade Barrett, I’m hoping that if Randy Orton puts me through a table at WWE’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs, it will break easily.  That’s because Orton has a history of botching moves in violent fashion.

    For those who don’t believe this, just ask Christian, who Orton tried putting through the Spanish announcing table with the R.K.O. twice to no avail at Money in the Bank.  Or ask Cody Rhodes, who basically had to had his head sewed back together after Orton bashed it in with the ring bell. 

    Barrett could become the victim of another ugly Orton botch on Sunday.

John Cena Will Find His Way into the Main Event

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    I hope all of the John Cena bashers aren’t blissfully ignorant enough to believe that one of the biggest draws in wrestling history will be left off of the card for WWE’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view.  I hate to break it to those haters, but not only will Cena compete at TLC, he’ll do so in the main event, making it a fatal four-way for the WWE Championship.

    My thinking behind this is that Vince McMahon originally wanted to keep Cena out of the main event to gauge how a pay-per-view can hypothetically sell without the 10-time WWE champ.  But McMahon will probably get cold feet at the last second and will insert his golden boy into yet another title match.  

Kane Will Destroy John Cena

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    Regardless of whether or not John Cena actually wrestles, he will feel the wrath of Kane at Tables, Ladders and Chairs like he did at the end of the most recent Monday Night Raw.  It looks like a Kane-Cena rivalry is inevitable, so it would be nice if the bookers started the feud by building Kane up as an unstoppable force.

    Obviously to do that, Kane must continue to lay waste of Cena.  It happened on Raw and I expect it to continue at TLC. 

Triple H Will Take out Kevin Nash

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    You get the sense that this beef between Kevin Nash and Triple H is going nowhere.  It’s been hot and cold for weeks and will finally be settled (hopefully) once and for all at Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

    For this feud to definitively end, Triple H needs to be the one who ends it—by taking out Kevin Nash.  It makes logical sense, if you ponder it for a second.

    Triple H’s ego likely won’t allow him to job to Nash and you’d expect whoever grabs the sledgehammer will put a hurtin’ on his unlucky opponent.  When you add those factors together, you’re likely to see Nash leave the arena on a stretcher. 

The Triple H-Kevin Nash Match Will Be the Year's Worst

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    If Triple H does indeed take out Kevin Nash at Tables, Ladders and Chairs, I hope it will be in quick fashion, because this match will not be easy on the eyes.

    For starters, the Game only competes a couple of times a year now, so he’s liable to be very rusty.

    To make matters worse, he’s going against someone in Nash who can barely lumber around these days, never mind compete in an actual pay-per-view match.  And many of those old WCW fans will probably argue that—even in his prime—Nash could never actually wrestle that well. 

    I don’t even have to watch one second of this match to tell you that it’s going to be the dud of the year for WWE.

Booker T Will Win the Intercontinental Championship

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    You wanted bold?  Well, it doesn’t get any bolder than having Cody Rhodes lose the WWE Intercontinental Championship to the 46-year-old Booker T. 

    Stripping Rhodes of his IC title will give him the opportunity to finally pursue the bigger title on SmackDown:  the World Heavyweight Championship.  And giving the wildly entertaining Booker T a brief run with the IC belt will be great for nostalgic purposes.  Can you dig that, suckas?! 

CM Punk's Hardcore Side Will Be Unleashed

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    Fans have seen many sides of CM Punk over his epic career:  the straight-edge side; the side where he’s patronizing fans for their lifestyles as the head of the Straight Edge Society; the Money in the Bank side; the “Pipebomb!” side.

    Now at Tables, Ladders and Chairs, fans will get to see Punk’s hardcore side.  Punk had a successful run in ECW once, albeit in the very tame WWE-run ECW.  Still, I sense that Punk would’ve thrived in Paul Heyman’s ECW, much like he has thrived in every other major wrestling organization out there.   

    There’s no telling what the straight-edge, hardcore superstar is capable of with an arsenal of tables, ladders and chairs to play with.  Looks like pipe bombs won’t be the only weapons Punk will be dropping on Alberto Del Rio and the Miz on Sunday.

There Will Be Blood

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    When I say there will be bloodshed at Tables, Ladders and Chairs, it’s not going to be like anything you ever saw during the Attitude Era or in the early ECW days.  Given the fact that tables will be broken, however, I think there will be some blood spilt, even if it’s accidentally.

    These days, the prop tables don’t break as cleanly as they used to.  I’m expecting at least one wrestler to suffer a nasty, inadvertent gash on his body, courtesy of a broken table fragment at TLC.

Zack Ryder Will Get the Biggest Pop of the Night

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    You know it!  Zack Ryder’s rise in WWE has taken on a Tim Tebow-like aura recently (sorry, I just had to get that in there).

    Ryder got the biggest reception outside of the Rock from the crowd at Survivor Series and I expect that trend to continue at Tables, Ladders and Chairs.  For whatever reason, Ryder has transformed from underground comedy act to mainstream wrestling sensation and the Zack Pack is eating up his every fist pump.

    And if Ryder wins the U.S. title like everyone thinks he will, the roof on the 1st Mariner Arena will be torn off the hinges on Sunday.   

This Will Be Alberto Del Rio’s Last WWE Title Match—Ever

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    Alberto Del Rio’s fans (all 12 of them) better enjoy his WWE title match at Tables, Ladders and Chairs, because it will be his last.  With Del Rio receiving little heat as WWE Champion the first time around, it’s time for the bookers to go in a different direction with the belt. 

    Look for CM Punk to retain the WWE title and go on an extended run with the belt.  After that, there are a number of Superstars who will get a shot at the title, none of whom are named Alberto Del Rio.

    John Cena and the Miz will probably see title runs in 2012, as will rising star Dolph Ziggler and possibly even the Rock at WrestleMania.  Hey, crazier things have happened. 

    If Del Rio wants another run as champion, he may be better off switching over to SmackDown in the near future and capturing the World Heavyweight Championship, because given how badly his run as WWE champ went, he’ll never have another shot at that belt.