Robert Guerrero Claims Knowledge of a Blueprint to Beat to Mayweather Jr.

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Robert Guerrero Claims Knowledge of a Blueprint to Beat to Mayweather Jr.
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Without dismissing Robert Guererro’s ability in the boxing ring, because I do believe that he is a tremendous fighter, his claim that he would prove to be a real challenge to Floyd Mayweather Jr. simply won’t do.

In a recent interview with, Guerrero discussed his proposed fight with Floyd, and tried to explain why he would be more effective in the ring than some others who have also tried but fell short.

“Me and Floyd Mayweather make sense. I've been studying him and breaking him down. I've got the keys to beating him. I've got him figured out. I know Floyd like the back of my hand,” said Guerrero in his recent interview.

This is a very redundant sentence, and strikingly similar words have been pronounced by virtually every single fighter that has crossed the ropes to face Mayweather Jr. Words have been shown ineffective when trying to blueprint Floyd. 

Of course as many others, Robert mentioned Mayweather’s age, trying to claim that his skills are now diminishing at a very fast rate: “Floyd's going to be 35 years old on Feb. 24. His skills are starting to diminish. I'm 28 years old and a southpaw and I bring a lot to the table. Psychologically too. Being intelligent, I've been doing countless hours of studying Floyd Mayweather, and, you know, honestly, from a psychological standpoint, he's insecure. He's more insecure than a lot of people think that he is."

Is Mayweather Jr. insecure? Well, perhaps he is, but it also depends who you ask. If you ask a Manny Pacquiao fan, than yes, they will agree with Robert’s assumption. Personally, Mayweather Jr. doesn’t strike me as an insecure individual. He has fought and beat many great names. Sure he is holding on dearly to his zero loss record, but he is aware his own abilities and what he is capable of in the ring.

I hope Guerrero doesn’t get that fight, as much as I hope that Mayweather Jr. doesn’t accept it. If comes to fruition, this would be yet another fight where Mayweather’s opponent is meant to lose, and precious time would be wasted.

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