Why Texas Tech Will Win the Cotton Bowl

Benjy MillerContributor IDecember 30, 2008

For many Red Raider fans, the picture of Graham Harrell is the face of hope. Graham Harrell has done what every quarterback dreams of doing. He has led Texas Tech to three and a half great seasons, had record–breaking statistics, and is only two touchdowns away from eclipsing Colt Brennan's NCAA record of 131 touchdown passes thrown.

Graham Harrell is the reason Texas Tech will defeat Ole Miss on January 2nd. He is probably not the happiest person, since he was unfairly omitted from the Heisman Trophy award banquet.

The Red Raiders also feel they were screwed out of a BCS Bowl since they beat Texas head-to-head.

But these reasons will make Texas Tech, and in particular Graham Harrell, want to win even more. 

Along with two–time Biletnikoff Award winner, Michael Crabtree, the Red Raiders are set to do what they've done all year long.

They are going to play their hardest and win. Win for themselves, win for the school, and win for their fans. And the fans need a win. 

The opponent in the Cotton Bowl, Ole Miss (8–4), is coming off a five game winning streak. Texas Tech, is coming off of a close win at Baylor (4–8).

Now, some may say the close win in Waco will slow down the Red Raiders. I don't think it will.

The Oklahoma loss, because of the final margin, shocked every single person. Texas Tech is the best and the people know this. We can all agree that even the best has to lose at some point.

Here's what I think: Texas Tech should be in a BCS bowl. If not the National Championship Game, then at least the Fiesta Bowl.

Not being invited to any BCS bowl hurt the entire Red Raider nation. We have to show them that we are the best by winning.

Personally, I think we have an easy bowl. The BCS system favors teams that do better in the end rather than earlier in the season. This is common knowledge. If the loss to Oklahoma occurred at the beginning of the season, Texas Tech would be in a BCS bowl.

The Red Raiders have to show the BCS it was wrong. This is why Texas Tech will win the Cotton Bowl. 

We have faith in Graham Harrell, Michael Crabtree, and Mike Leach. We trust in the other great players. We believe all of the Red Raiders will play their best.

Because of these reasons, Texas Tech will win the Cotton Bowl. 

Have a great new year and wreck 'em Tech!!!