The 17 Worst Skating Fails in NHL History

Keegan McNally@Keegan_McNallyCorrespondent IIDecember 18, 2011

The 17 Worst Skating Fails in NHL History

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    Even the greatest athletes in the world of hockey take the occasional spill.

    Whether it be a dive, a lost edge or a divot in the ice, the skating "fails" create some hilarious videos. 

    Even Steven Stamkos, who is sitting at first in league scoring with 20 goals, has had the occasional run in with the ice. 

Curtis Joseph Flips out

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    Curtis Joseph will go down as one of the greatest goaltenders of all time. That being said, he did have a bit of a temper, as shown here. He flops around so much he ends up tackling the referee. 

Dennis Wideman Goes Wide

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    The blueliner for the Capitals has to live with this highlight on his resume.

    Wideman goes airborne and slides past the ref as he signals "no goal." I'm certain he had a good chuckle about this one. 

Steven Stamkos Penalty Shot Fail

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    Stamkos has an unbelievable release on the puck, leading him to a scoring title in 2010 and a chance to win his second this year.

    However, in a game where the Lightning were down 5-0, he slips up a good opportunity for at least one goal by the penalty shot. 

Sean Avery Flopping

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    I'm going to call this a skating fail because Sean Avery has to have more respect for himself on this play.

    You look like a salmon Sean Avery. 

Sidney Crosby Dive

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    Sidney Crosby is disliked by many for plays like these.

    Probably the greatest player in the sport today when healthy, Crosby used to have a pretty mean diving streak in him.

Alex Ovechkin Skills Competition

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    The swimming at the end of this play is probably the funniest part as Ovechkin trips over a camera wire during the NHL All-Star game. 

    Ovechkin always has a smile on his face, even after an embarrassing slip like this. 

Mike Ribeiro Chest Pains

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    If need be, I could replace this whole article with the title "20 Worst Dives of Mike Ribeiro's Career," but I'll save that for when he retires. 

    This is just one example of too much soccer being brought into a hockey game.

Dion Phaneuf "Fighting"

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    Phaneuf is finally starting to show some life in Toronto after a disappointing few seasons with his new club. However, I still will always remember this "fight" as one of Phaneuf's greatest highlights.

Mark Streit Didn't Read the Sign

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    Mark Streit of the New York Islanders barrels into a prop sign during the 2009 NHL Super Skills contest. 

    Skip to about :45 seconds for this hilarious stumble. 

Shea Weber Cuts It Too Close

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    Shea Weber KO's himself in this play as he runs the net right off the moorings. 

    "The hit of the night is Shea Weber on...the net."

Patrick Eaves Shootout Fail

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    It definitely isn't the worst shootout attempt of all time, but it certainly isn't the best. 

    Patrick Eaves kicks his back leg too far out in a deke attempt and ends up flopping onto the ice in the shootout. 

Fleury Gets a Bit Too Excited

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    Marc-Andre Fleury led the Penguins to back-to-back Stanley Cup Final appearances against the Detroit Red Wings. He took home a Stanley Cup in one of those outings. 

    There's no denying his talent for netminding. Here he gets just a bit too excited in one of those matchups against Detroit.

Patrick Roy

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    This is probably the funniest thing you'll ever see a goaltender do.

    Patrick Roy forgets he has a goalie mask on and spins past skaters on his way to a penalty. Goalies can't carry the puck past center ice—I guess Roy was a bit over confident. 

Marchment KO's Himself

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    Although Marchment actually had to be carried out on a stretcher after this play, it is still a pretty big fail.

    Trying to dump the puck in, falling and then colliding into an open partition is some bad luck for Marchment. 

Joe Thornton Dives

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    Joe Thornton throws his own legs out from underneath him after a swing from Johan Franzen during last year's playoffs. 

    Watching the game, it actually looked pretty convincing. Once the replay came out, it didn't look good for Jumbo Joe. 

Mike Ribeiro Round Two

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    I couldn't leave this one out. 

    Mike Ribeiro acts like he's been shot after a light tap from Chris Osgood. 

    He throws up his gloves and collapses, forever marking himself as one of the worst embellishment artists in the NHL.

Patrik Stefan Empty Net Head-Scratcher

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    This will forever be one of the worst "fails" in the history of the NHL. 

    Patrik Stefan not only misses a wide open net, he gives the puck up while he slips to the ice and allows Edmonton to tie the game with seconds remaining. 

    How do you come back from that?