Tim Tebow Video: Watch Tebow Mania Unfold on Mic'd Up

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistDecember 16, 2011

Every time Tim Tebow takes the field, he should be mic'd up. The odds that something great will happen are too high to miss out on the opportunity to capture exactly what No. 15 was saying and thinking during the course of his heroics.

Seeing his sportsmanship on full display for all 60 minutes, it's easy to understand why the Broncos buy into Tebow. He doesn't stop believing for one second, and his composure is obviously contagious.

Say what you want about Tebow; he's always fighting, encouraging and leading.

His receiver drops the ball, he lets him know that he's going to catch the game winner. His team looks frustrated, he encourages them and wills them to a victory.

Tebow's miracle win has been immortalized perfectly by this mic'd up segment by NFL Network. It's impossible to ask for a better segment, and with this win streak captivating the nation, this feature gives people an inside look at how they are able to battle back week in and week out.

This is one of the most exciting mic'd up segments imaginable, and it's a behind-the-scenes look like this that makes it clear Tebow's persona is genuine.

He never loses focus of the goal at hand or who he is. The emotions are real, his intangibles bring tangible results and he has all three phases of the Denver Broncos competing as hard as they can for 60 minutes (or beyond in this case).

The Tebow phenomenon grows stronger with every win, and the critics who have doubted him every second of the way are going to have a tough time rooting against him with wins piling up as they are.

This week, he takes on the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. While the odds are stacked against him, nothing bad can come from planting the mic on Tebow. When he takes the field, you never know when something spectacular is going to happen.