NBA New Year's Resolutions

Jason ColdironCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

NBA New Year's Resolutions:

Phil Jackson: I resolve to just keep grinning.

Mark Cuban: I resolve to hire Martha Stewart’s lawyers.

Shaq: I resolve to decide if I’m gonna ruin the Suns or take them to new heights, one way or the other.

Deron Williams, Brandon Roy, Devin Harris, O.J Mayo: We resolve to be patient, our time in the spotlight is coming soon.

Dwight Howard: I resolve to continue to be Superman.

Kobe Bryant: I resolve to lead my team.

Derrick Rose: I resolve to win the Rookie of the Year Aaward.

Kevin Garnett: I resolve to secure my legacy.

Carlos Boozer: I resolve to shut it down for the season and get paid somewhere else in the offseason.

Shawn Marion: I resolve to play bad enough to get traded to a contender, then suddenly rediscover my game before the season is over and get paid in the offseason.

Carmelo Anthony: I resolve to follow Chauncey’s lead.

LeBron: I resolve to continue to act like Cleveland has a chance in hell to re-sign me.

Kevin Martin: I resolve to bring hope to Sacramento.

Tony Parker: I resolve to keep living the greatest life ever.

Mike Bibby: I resolve to prove that I could guard a chair, literally.

Steve Nash: I resolve to get Amare the damn rock!

Sam Cassel: I resolve to phone home.

Kevin McHale: I resolve to get out as painlessly as possible.

Mike Dunleavy: I resolve to update my resume...soon.