TNA: More Great Moves Sting Needs To Make

Josh BarnettCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2011

TNA: More Great Moves Sting Needs To Make

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    TNA is currently enjoying its best stretch EVER under the guide of the Stinger.

    At least on TV, whether he has any real stroke or not, TV is running great biz. The breakup of Beer Money and a clean Jeff Hardy is tremendous for a company who needs a biz draw.

    Hardy has the ability to be level with Cena and the rest of the great crowd draws. The Stinger could pull in a few more through great moves to boost biz even more; here's where it starts. 

UN-Bury Velvet Sky

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    Great call By Sting earlier tonight to relieve BOTH the Jarretts of duty.

    It may have been only so Jeff can focus on expansion, but the even bigger call for me is moving Karen so that order can be restored to the knockouts.

    Velvet was screwed out of the best championship move at I the only one to notice she NEVER got a champions rematch??

    She deserves to be back in her rightful place as the face of TNA's knockout division and Sting must put her there.

Keep Jeff Hardys Head Screwed on Straight

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    There is no denying the roll Jeff Hardy has been on since his return.

    Some in the IWC says Genesis is too soon to put him back in the main event, but he is their single-biggest draw.

    Ultimately I don't think he needs the belt because the next major main event is a PPV title match with Beer Money, but a clean Hardy is great for the Stinger and the rest of TNA

Get More Around Austin Aries in the X Division

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    While I am not as high on Austin Aries as many in the IWC, there is no denying how great this guy is in the X division—but he needs competition to be believable.

    Enter Kaz, Jay Lethal, Jesse Sorenson and the individual members of the Motor City Machine Guns in the X division. AJ and Joe are now main eventers but the X division must still be pushed.

    Ultimate X needs to be brought back; with it we'd see more high-flying action that made TNA what it became. 

Bring Back 6 Sides

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    I occasionally still hear this cry from TNA fans. Bischoff blew this one like everything else he touched when Immortal was in power. This was a great design to give TNA originality; STINGER... BRING IT BACK!!

Put Samoa Joe in Main Event and Keep Him There

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    I say this every time I write about TNA, you have a 280-lb guy on your hands who flies like anyone in your X division. He is continually rumored to be heading towards WWE, and If he does I cant blame him.

    TNA has never promoted him for the talent and potential fanfare he can bring in and will bring in if he jumps to the WWE.

    Sting still has a chance to keep him with TNA. 

Let Crimson Be Crimson

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    Not Goldberg, not Samoa Joe.

    It is currently a great call having Crimson work tag team stuff with Matt Morgan, but let one of your best young and original talents be himself. 

AJ AJ and More AJ

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    Stinger, feast your eyes on your John Cena.

    He's ready and able. It means first off  that he must be a main event staple and after that, you and Dixie must get him in the movies.

    He'd work great with anything you found for him. He is money and more of it for TNA moving forward...DO IT!! DO IT!!