Man City Madness-Balotelli and Richards in Training Ground Bust Up

illya mclellanSenior Analyst IDecember 15, 2011

They seem to get along swimmingly most of the time
They seem to get along swimmingly most of the timeAlex Livesey/Getty Images

The news coming out of Manchester in the last few hours does not bode well for Man City fans worried about their teams continued push for English and European supremacy. It is the classic case of big ego's clashing and in Mario Balotelli and Micah Richards you have two of the Sky Blue's largest.

The word is that Super Mario took umbrage with being called a slouch by Richards for his lack of running in a training game. Not pulling his weight apparently. Mario sent a few choice words Micah's way and a scuffle ensued. The two players having to be wrestled apart by team mates.

Both players have been in excellent form this season which of course means their respective ego's have swelled to gargantuan proportions. This type of thing of course is a big part of sport, ego is vital in self belief and the drive required to make it at the highest level. Top athletes the world over have always ended up in slagging matches of one kind or the other, with team mates or fellow competitors.

The problem for Roberto Mancini is that both of these players seem to be a big part of his plans for the future and could well be team mates for many years yet. Manchester City issued a statement saying it was all resolved afterward in the changing room with the players shaking hands and getting on with putting gel products in their respective hair do's.

Mario of course probably has a better haircut, so this would have perhaps been a potential fire-starter in the aftermath, though Richards was apparently booked in for a perm that very afternoon. It will be interesting to see if Micah's new do will out trump Mario and cause another potential bust up, potentially derailing Manchester City's quest for title honors.

One can only wait and see. For City fans the world over, they will be worried, with the Arsenal on their way to Eastland's, whether RVP's style and grace will set Richards and Balotelli alight with envy as the Dutch Master struts his stuff on their turf.

Trying times for Mancini, who's immaculately coiffed hair and sartorial elegance is a cause for envy amongst players, managers and fans the world over, tries to explain to the two youngsters that they are along way off coming close to him, especially as he has won two Serie A titles as a player and three as a manager as well as a quite silly amount of domestic cups.

Clearly they have a lot to learn and should just quieten down and get to work emulating their manager before he just gets tired of them and sends them both packing. The latest rumor out is that Richards is preparing to burn his house down, just to see if he can also get away with such behavior.