WWE TLC 2011 Preview: Who Will Win & Why

Poppa Big NickCorrespondent IIIDecember 15, 2011

WWE TLC 2011 Preview: Who Will Win & Why

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    This Sunday WWE presents one of it's most exciting pay-per-views of the year, WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs. The show is exciting because every match will require the use of a foreign object hence the title. With six matches currently on the card this ensures that all matches will be given enough time to flourish into the great matches each and every one of them can become.

    In addition to the use of weapons throughout the night, the pay-per-view also marks the in-ring pay-per-view returns of Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Triple H as well as the newly "Masked" Kane making an appearance. So lets get to the predictions for a pay-per-view with the potential to be great. 

Match #1: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett in a Tables Match

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    For months now Wade Barrett has plowed through everyone who has been in his way, now he is in a heated feud with "The Viper" Randy Orton. This marks the first one-on-one match for this feud and Wade Barrett has looked very strong in this feud with Orton getting the better hand of Orton on more then one occasion.

    Last month at the Survivor Series pay-per-view Barrett's team was victorious with Barrett himself getting the pin-fall over Orton. Since Orton dropped the title to mark Henry he has looked weak in my opinion. He had a brief feud with Cody Rhodes which was really more of a test to see if the young Rhodes was able to run with the big boys, a test that I believe young Cody passed.

    With this feud looking as though it will run passed the Royal Rumble as well as how strong Barrett has looked and how weak Orton has looked in this feud so far; you would think Orton gets the victory...I disagree.

    Have Wade Barrett beat Orton in a tables match, but have it look like a fluke much like Cena vs. Sheamus, except Orton doesn't make it look like he blatantly jumped through the table. This way Orton can pull out the fluke victory card not making him look any weaker, while also making Barrett look stronger that he knocked off a perennial main-eventer in Orton.

    My Prediction: Wade Barrett

Match #2: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Zack Ryder for the United States Championship

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    First off, how damn good is Dolph Ziggler? Now that's out of that way, this is a pretty obvious pick. Dolph Ziggler is the longest running champion in the WWE. How do I know that? WWE told us that on Raw, which mean he's dropping it soon. Ziggler for months now has had great match after great match after great match. His mic skills have improved and people are starting to respect him. At this point the United States Championship isn't good enough for him.

    Now we look at the other side, Zack Ryder is an inspiration to all the mid-card jobbers out there. No matter how much you job, no matter what crappy story-lines you are written in, it is up to you to get yourself over in this business. Whether it's a YouTube show or even Tailgate party in arena parking lots (DiBiase Posse), if you get over people will notice. WWE has been using Ryder more frequently on Raw and less on SmackDown which means hes currently receiving a huge push. John Cena being the boy scout that he is gave up a WWE Championship match for Ryder to get his U.S. title shot, he will not lose.

    Dolph Ziggler will drop the title to Ryder, and here's the key; he will lose CLEANLY. In a victory won by a roll-up or schoolboy, Zack Ryder will be the new U.S. Champ. Ziggler will not lose his credibility because he lost by a quick pin and Ryder will be elevated ever so more. With Ziggler dropping the mid-card belt he will be shot up into the main-event hopefully into a feud with C.M. Punk because their match on Raw was freaking awesome. By the way, John Cena cannot get involved in this match by any means, it only hurts Zack Ryder who already looks like a wimp thanks to Cena because he basically got this match with the help of Cena.

    My Prediction: Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion ZACK RYDER!

Match #3: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Booker T for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

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    Here's a match I believe a lot of people can't wait to see. Booker T for the first time in months steps into the ring against Cody Rhodes, a guy who's stock is at an all-time high right now, Cody right now is one of the biggest heels in wrestling along with Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler. Cody's been on a role ever since he brought back the "Classic" Intercontinental Championship. His most impressive feud was against Randy Orton where they had two great matches and we even got to see BLOOD in not one, but both the matches albeit accidental on both occasions.

    On the other side we have Booker T, the commentator as Cody would call him. The former 5-Time, 5-Time, 5-Time, 5-Time, 5-Time WCW Champion still appears to be in great shape despite wrestling on a limited basis. There have been rumors that after this feud with Cody, Booker will jump into another feud with someone else. That all depends on how well this one goes. From a standpoint of talk and build-up the feud has been good, but the time for talk is over and it's time to see how the two work a match together.

    With Booker just getting back into the ring and Cody being on the role he's on, I don't see a clear victor in this. I predict that a overwhelmed Cody Rhodes will get himself intentionally disqualified right before Booker T hits him with a finisher. Maybe a low blow when going for the Scissors kick or maybe even a title to the face. The match itself I think will be good and with it ending that way it makes Booker look strong as Cody needed a mulligan and doesn't make Cody look weak because he will get the last laugh as he walks away while Booker is on the mat in pain.

    My Prediction: Winner by disqualification Booker T

Match #4: Triple H vs. Kevin Nash in a Sledgehammer Ladder Match

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    This match scares the hell out of me, and I don't think I'm the only one. Triple H is one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever walked the earth backstage politics aside. Kevin Nash is also a legend. Both are future hall of famers who have had tremendous matches in their careers. Can anyone tell me one classic ladder match that either of them have had? Both these men are over six feet tall and weigh close to 300 pounds. For those looking for a highly athletic ladder match filled with a lot of spots, you are out of luck.

    The one prop that will save this match is the sledgehammer, a weapon that both of them can use to make it watchable. Triple H is on the outskirts of his career, however like the Undertaker they are outstanding when they need to be. Kevin Nash hasn't wrestled in a match (I don't count the Santino Marella match) in over six months. For this match I just predict an all out brawl with little to know ladder spots at all. The ladder will be used as a weapon and the sledgehammer will be in someone's hands likely the whole match. The build-up to this match in my opinion has been good, I know some disagree, but you need to take into account that Triple H being injured for six weeks slowed it down. Nash has looked very strong getting the upper hand on The Game on more then one occasion. This would lead you to believe that Triple H will win especially since it's a sledgehammer ladder match and Triple H is more athletic and the sledgehammer is his mistress.

    But I see something exciting happening I see the return of...

The RETURN of X-PAC!!!

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    X-PAC! Its been years since he's been in a WWE ring and this is the perfect opportunity for him to get involved in a storyline. He helps Kevin Nash win maybe he runs into the ring from the crowd wearing a ski mask when Triple H is about to Pedigree Nash. He X-Factor's Hunter and the crowd will go crazy. He removes his ski mask and does the suck it taunt. Nash picks up the victory and they raise their arms standing in the ring over an unconscious Triple H.

    The very next night on Raw, X-Pac can say he betrayed Triple H because he, like Nash, wouldn't sign him to a contract. The storyline just got that more interesting.

    My Prediction: Kevin Nash

Match #5: Mark Henry (c) vs. the Big Show in a Chairs Match for the WHC

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    This is by far the hardest match on the card to predict. Have you ever heard of that saying that something isn't funny after it's said three time? Well that applies to the Mark Henry Big Show feud. Their match at Money in the Bank was good, their match at Vengeance was o.k. The ring breaking spot was cool to see again. Their match at Survivor Series was boring, I know I was there. If it wasn't for the obnoxious "Holy Sh*t" chants us in the crowd chanted after Big Show went through the barricade and Big Show's ballsy elbow drop the match would have sucked.

    Now we are up to match number four. The best part about this match is it uses chairs, and who doesn't enjoy a good chair shot? This will likely be the last match between the two big men, but the picking a winner is not that easy. Henry has been champion for months and Big Show has basically beaten the hell out of Henry for weeks. Big Show hasn't been world champion since 2006 (if you count the ECW Championship as a world title) or even further 2002 (during his short WWE title run). WWE likes to give their loyal veterans world titles, but I have to believe that Mark Henry will keep the strap. He has been built up so well and losing it now will make all of that a waste. The only way I can see Big Show winning the title is if right after he gets his ass kicked by Henry and Daniel Bryan cashes in Money in the Bank for the win, but I doubt it.

    Mark Henry is the safe choice here, he wins using the chairs obviously and this sets up a Mark Henry Sheamus feud which ends with Sheamus being the new World Heavyweight Champion.

    My Prediction: Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry

Match #6: CM Punk vs. Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio in a TLC Match for the WWE Title

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    This match will undoubtably be match of the night. You have C.M. Punk, the best wrestler in the world right now along with the Miz who over the last few weeks has shown everyone why he was in the main-event at WrestleMania last year, and finally Alberto Del Rio who like him or not can put on a damn good match.

    C.M. Punk is without a doubt the most popular wrestler in wrestling today and he so over with the crowd. He just won the WWE Championship and has guaranteed to bring prestige back to the title that looks like a wannabe rapper's play toy.

    The Miz has been miss-used ever since he dropped the title to Cena back at Extreme Rules. He was in a brief feud with Alex Riley which made him look weak, then he was thrown into a tag team with R-Truth albeit a very entertaining tag team but a tag team non-the-less. Now one failed drug test later he is back in the main-event. After just being thrown back into world title matches I highly doubt he will win the WWE Championship, maybe a couple months down the line but certainly not now.

    Finally we have the Mexican Aristocrat (I don't know what that means) Alberto Del Rio. Rumor has it his stock has dropped significantly backstage and that is why he is no longer WWE Champion. When Del Rio was on SmackDown he was a big fish in a small pond destined for great things, however since he's been drafted to Raw I feel he has gotten stale fast. He just seems overwhelmed to me and his two title reigns are both forgetable. Its been a big year for Del Rio, he won the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank, yet he seems to be becoming a victim of the system to fast. He just lost the title so i don't think he will win the title back.

    Long story short C.M. Punk is the best thing in wrestling right now. He is the most popular and the man everyone wants to see as champion. This is the beginning to what I can only hope is a long long long title reign hopefully to and past WrestleMania. Hopefully somewhere down the line Punk makes good on his promise and changes the way the title looks.

    My Prediction: C.M. Punk walks out as WWE Champion so call your bookie, you can't lose.

Something Will Happen Between Kane and John Cena

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    In-case you live under a rock, Kane returned Monday night at the Slammy Awards. It was an unexpected return which is the best return and as if it doesn't get any better he was wearing a mask. He charged into the ring and chokeslamed John Cena who was seemingly in the wrong place and the wrong time.

    Also in-case your blind you noticed John Cena is not scheduled in a match at the pay-per-view, but rest assured he will be there. I say he comes out to cut a promo, a very broing childish one where he does that thing where he raises his voice to get the crowd amped up; and by crowd I mean the children and fat girls. As he's talking probably about how Kane whupped his ass BOOM!

    Kane comes down the ramp, the arena will likely explode and they get into a brawl, just when it looks like Cena gets the upper hand he goes for an F-U.....I mean Attitude Adjustment, Kane slips out of it and chokeslams him. He does his turnbuckle fire spot and walks out as Cena lays in the middle of the ring selling, that's right selling, the chokeslam.

The What-If's

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    I firmly expect WWE to add a match or two to the card probably involving mama up there.

    look for any of the following matches...

    1. Tag Team match involving "Air Boom"

    2. Divas match involving Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Kelly Kelly, Eve, & Alicia Fox (because they are the only Divas employed by WWE apparently)

    3. Promo involving David Otunga and John Boringnaitis



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