NFL Power Rankings: Comparing Every Team to a Board Game

Matt SmithContributor IIIDecember 16, 2011

NFL Power Rankings: Comparing Every Team to a Board Game

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    Two things that people don't compare very often are board games and sports teams.

    Surprisingly, a further look at both shows a ton of similarities between the two. Whether it be the name of the board game or its style of play, teams and board games have things in common.

    Since they're so comparable, here's a board game for all 32 NFL teams as well as power rankings (worst to best).

    If you have a comparison you think works better, please tell me in the comments. Feedback is always appreciated.

Indianapolis Colts: Antiques Road Show: The Game

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    The Colts are horrible this season, and "Antiques Road Show: The Game" has to be one of the worst board games out there.

St. Louis Rams: Candy Land

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    "Candy Land" is a game of sheer chance. It seems as if the Rams' wins were that way, as they needed a missed 22-yard FG for them to beat the Browns.

Cleveland Browns: Mastermind

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    "Mastermind" claims to be a game of intelligence, when really it's not. Kind of like Pat Shurmur is supposed to be an offensive master.

Minnesota Vikings: Risk 2210 A.D.

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    The Vikings also took a risk on a rookie QB. Ponder has been erratic, but like the futuristic "Risk 2210 A.D.", he could be the future.

Washington Redskins: Trivial Pursuit

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    When the Redskins put free agency and big contracts together, it's only fair that people start with the questions.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Scrabble

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    If the Bucs don't end the season on a nice note, management may switch things up like the words in "Scrabble."

Jacksonville Jaguars: Mouse Trap

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    In "Mouse Trap," you must build a contraption to stop your opponent. The Jaguars have a lot of rebuilding to do.

Buffalo Bills: Pandemic

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    Losing is occurring more and more often these weeks in Buffalo, and the Bills must contain it.

Kansas City Chiefs: Jenga

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    When you take out a piece, you're lucky to survive. When you take out a few pieces such as Cassel, Charles and Berry, your team can't hold.

Carolina Panthers: Risk

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    The Carolina Panthers took a risk by selecting Cam Newton, and it looks like it's going to pay off big time.

Miami Dolphins: 1313 Dead End Drive

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    The Dolphins keep holding out hope that someone they sign will be their franchise QB, but this is the dead end. They need a new quarterback.

Arizona Cardinals: Transformers

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    After starting the season 1-6, the Cardinals have won five of their last six games.

Philadelphia Eagles: Operation

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    Something is wrong with the Eagles. They'd better get it fixed before next season.

San Diego Chargers: Clue

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    "Clue" is a game of deductive reasoning. And unless the Chargers miraculously make the playoffs, one can deduce that Norv Turner and A.J. Smith will be gone next season.

Chicago Bears: Sorry!

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    The Bears' playoff hopes took a serious hit when Jay Cutler went down.

Seattle Seahawks: Connect Four

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    Though the Seahawks have a losing record, they might just be one piece away from contention: a quarterback.

Oakland Raiders: Trouble

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    The Raiders, who held the division lead a few weeks ago, are in trouble one game behind the Broncos and are out of head-to-head matches with them.

Dallas Cowboys: Chutes and Ladders

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    After a few good games the Cowboys' stock climbs up, and when they lose a few it comes sliding back down.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Settlers of Catan

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    New settlers must build a surviving civilization in "Settlers of Catan." Cincinnati is trying to build a winning culture based around two prominent rookies.

Tennessee Titans: The Game of Life

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    "The Game of Life" is a game of twists, turns and chance. The Titans lost Kenny Britt for the season and are still wondering which Chris Johnson will show up.

New York Giants: Yahtzee

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    Roll the dice. Which Giants are you going to get?

    The ones that beat the Patriots or the ones that lost to the Seahawks before Marshawn Lynch went on a tear?

New York Jets: Battleship

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    Mark Sanchez is either hit or miss, and his team will only go as far in the playoffs as Sanchez plays.

Detroit Lions: Twister

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    "Twister" is a game that favors the young and highly athletic. There may not be a more athletic player in the league than Calvin Johnson.

Denver Broncos: Stratego

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    John Fox has done a brilliant job in developing a strategy that fits his team.

Atlanta Falcons: 7 Wonders

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    Your strategy may change over time in "7 Wonders." The Falcons started off pass-heavy, but once they became more balanced, they started to hit their stride.

New England Patriots: Cranium

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    Bill Belichick and Tom Brady both have high football IQs and have their team sitting comfortably atop the AFC East. 

Houston Texans: Ticket to Ride

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    Anyone care to ride on the Texans' bandwagon, er...steam locomotive?

San Francisco 49ers: Go

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    "Go" is a historically rich board game. San Francisco carries a rich tradition and hopes to continue reviving that winning tradition.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Hungry Hungry Hippos

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    The Steelers play a brand of defense whose players are always hungry for hits.

Baltimore Ravens: Chess

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    "Chess" is a famous game for the past and the future. The Ravens have veterans like Ray Lewis and young stars like Ray Rice.

New Orleans Saints: Checkers

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    Like "Checkers," the Saints are simple and enjoyable to watch. They know that when they trust in Drew Brees, good things happen.

Green Bay Packers: Monopoly

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    The Packers are simply on another level. We'll learn during the playoffs whether the Packers will take the entire board.