Where Is the Reward for Vanderbilt?

Nate BrooksCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

Where is the love for the Vanderbilt Commodores?

This is a team that hasn't been to the post season since 1982 when they lost to the Air Force Academy 36-28. This team hasn't won a bowl game since 1955 when they beat Auburn 25-13.

Let's put that in prospective, in 1955:

  • Winston Churchill resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • The ninth McDonalds was built
  • Disneyland Opens
  • The movie "Oklahoma" is released
  • Bugs Bunny debuts
  • Rosa Parks is arrested
  • The Cleveland Browns won the NFL Championship Game

So congratulations Vanderbilt, you have your first winning season in 26 years, and where do you get to play your bowl game...LP Field just a mere 3.67 miles away from your home stadium.

Whats even worse, you defeat the likes of South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Auburn while another team out there beat teams like lowly Michigan, Washington, and Stanford and they get rewarded with a trip to Hawaii just because of their golden helmets.