Tim Tebow Wins Football Games by Any Means Nessecary. Keep Watching

Brad WashingtonCorrespondent IIDecember 15, 2011

Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow
Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim TebowJustin Edmonds/Getty Images

I think Skip Bayless was right about Tim Tebow.


Yes, he was correct saying he wouldn’t be a MVP caliber type player in the league. But he was most right that Tim Tebow is truly the most scrutinized young player to ever come in the league.

Week in, week out, he’s constantly criticized for the same reasons that he’s probably been slighted for and told since high school:

“Can’t throw” “delivery and mechanics are wrong” “too slow” “you won’t make it in college or the NFL”.

But on each high school and college level, he’s proved to be just as good or better of a quarterback as anybody with outstanding mechanics.

There are some people in this world that seem to constantly feed off the slights and the adversity that is placed upon them.

The more they are told what they can’t do, the more they will succeed with the slights in mind.

Tim Tebow is one of these types of people.

If you bash and discredit him via on television or in an article, the more motivated he is  to play hard to win football games.

I can attest that his stats passing yards and completion wise aren’t great. He’s passed for just under 1300 yards and only completed 49% of his passes.

But he’s also thrown for 11 touchdowns and only two interceptions, and added 517 yards on the ground with three touchdowns.

Besides  touchdowns/interceptions, his stats are definitely not the best by any means, but you would be lying if you said you wouldn’t want him on your team with his 7-1 record, and many fourth quarter comebacks.

The thing about Tebow is that we all had our doubts on whether he could really play quarterback at the next level.

 At Florida we seemed to overlook his obvious flaws because he showed an outstanding desire to win and passion for the game.

After these past eight games, there are more believers. He proved he could play with his unorthodox style of play.

Because he is an unconventional quarterback, football analysts like Keyshawn Johnson and Cris Carter love to point out how displeasing his performances were or how bad his mechanics/throws are.

It appears that Carter has joined the Tebow mania, but my question is, what does having the best mechanics, throwing motion, etc have to do with anything if you don’t win?

Ryan Leaf? JaMarcus Russell? Joey Harrington? They were all big budget draft picks for their franchise? Can’t miss QB’s, right?

Those QB’s were thought to be the missing pieces to propel their franchises out of mediocrity but they failed and all are out of the league.

They had all the intangibles, great arms, NFL ready bodies. But they couldn’t translate that into winning football games.

Point is it doesn’t matter if you have everything that God blessed you with, if you can’t win then it’s truly irrelevant.

Tim Tebow has been proving everyone wrong who bought in that you have to have the right mechanics to be an NFL quarterback.

Not to say that playing the appropriate way isn’t a necessity, but it isn’t of-all-end-all the way you should play the game, and Tebow has defied that claim.

Tebow’s play has brought an excitement about a single player both on and off the field that it hasn’t seen in ages. This weekend’s game against the New England Patriots should be a ratings monster.

But if the Denver Broncos do indeed beat the Patriots, then a moral lesson should be learned for all his doubters.

 Keep telling him how bad he is, and he will continue to re pay you back with success.