Bring Back Mike Martz!

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IIDecember 30, 2008

I've been a Rams fan since the 1996 season.

At that time, the Rams were disgusting, but I was too young to care. I liked to watch them play and Issac Bruce was like Calvin Johnson of today for the Lions.

Mike Martz was a part of the Rams organization for a while, after being a quarterback coach for the Skins for two seasons. He was named OC for the Rams in 1999.

Everything changed, right time, right place, but Martz had a hand in molding "The Greatest Show On Turf."

After Coach Vermiel left in '99, Martz took over, and under him, the Rams only missed the playoffs once. They made it to the postseason in 2000, the Super Bowl in '01, No. 2 seed in the NFC in '03, and back to the playoffs at 8-8 in '04, when the 8-8 Vikings also made it in, getting the Rams a Wild Card win over Seattle.

In the 2005 season, Martz suffered heart problems. He was 2-2 in the games he coached, but he was fired at the end of the season when management refused to let him back in once he was healthy.

Linehan came into the fold, and we Ram fans know how well he did.

Of all that's happened, of all that's changed, I want Martz back. For now, he can be OC.

Think he'll screw up? Consider he got John Kitna, a very average QB, to have back to back 4,000 yard seasons. He'll probably never touch those numbers again, and this was on the pitiful Lions.

He's been recently fired from the 49ers after only one season. You can't blame him for not having a QB to coach, and even then Shaun Hill did ok, but that team is rebuilding everything with Singletary.

Now it's time for the Rams to bring him back, as OC, and hire Mangini as head coach. Seriously, I have a gut feeling Mangini and Martz would go well together.