Ramirez Could Be Headed Back To The Red Sox

Dave DeVitoContributor IDecember 30, 2008

NO! Not that one! The guy on the right!


SI.com reported today that the Florida Marlins’ superstar shortstop Hanley Ramirez was, at some point this winter, sought out by the Redsox front office.


Ramirez would have been a phenomenal re-acquisition for the team as his numbers have steadily increased in power since his '05 debut. Last Season, Ramirez hit 33 home runs and 35 stolen bases, all while batting .301.


Anabel Sanchez along with Hanley Ramirez, and all of his prospective potential, were dealt away to Florida in the Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell deal that hasn’t exactly disappointed anyone in Red Sox Nation.


Though mid-way through 2005, when Beckett struggled for the Sox and Sanchez tossed a no hitter for the Marlins there was, at least, a little grumbling.


The rumors stated that the Red Sox would have likely attempted to move him from short to center and they would have had to sacrifice Jacoby Ellsbury and/or Clay Buchholz in the trade. It’s also widely understood that the Marlins were not at all swayed by the offer.


This does suggest that the Sox are indeed looking to add some pop to the 09 lineup. It also gives hope to the fans that believe that the team needs a strong bat to protect David Ortiz.


So, as the Hot Stove season heads down the stretch, the Redsox do not appear to have turned down the burners just yet.