Jerry Sandusky Video: Short Film Chronicles Sinister Scandal That Rocked Sports

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistDecember 15, 2011

It's no surprise that the biggest scandal in the history of sports has a high-profile short film already being put forth, but the way In The Dark: The Jerry Sandusky Story appears to be going about it makes it a must-see film.

When watching the official trailer, it almost seems like the audience is watching a trailer for a horror movie. The ominous tone, the evil, uncontrollable villain and setup of the trailer makes it look like the film is going to offer audiences a unique look at the scandal, which is key for this sort of short film.

This scandal is already cemented in history forever. It's been well chronicled from the start and every major news outlet has beaten it to death. Every angle that could possibly be attacked has been and the info is readily available for anyone who would want to access it.

This film looks like it's breaking the mold. ESPN's "30 for 30" series proved that documentary-style films can be overwhelmingly successful when done right.

Filmmakers had their work cut out for them with this scandal, as it has sent shock waves throughout the sports world. That being said, they're producing the film right in the middle of the action. This poses a serious problem, as new developments are still taking place and the filmmakers don't have the full story to work with.

It appears as though the short film is spinning Sandusky into the monster the masses have asserted that he is. It's unclear from this trailer whether or not the music that sounds as though it's straight out of a slasher film is used throughout the film, but hopefully it doesn't take on a cheesy feel.

If well done, this is the sort of film that will catch fire. Many are likely waiting until we know what is to come of Sandusky and how the scandal will conclude, but it's clear that this short film has the potential to set the standard.